WHITE SALMON — The White Salmon pool mural was officially taken down at the beginning of June.

The mural, painted across a series of wooden panels by local kids in 2003, depicts an ocean brimming with sea creatures. Their removal precedes the soon-to-come demolition of the pool, which has been a part of the community for 80 years.

The pool will be demolished and filled in so it can become a state-mandated additional play space for Whitson Elementary School. Moving the wooden mural panels over is a way for the old and new pools to stay connected, despite the demolition.

The panels were carefully removed by eight Community Partners volunteers and are currently in safe storage until they can be transferred to the new pool site, where they will be added back into the scenery.

Unfortunately, murals done by students in 2008 on the concrete walls, along with the rafters containing the scrawled names of years and years of lifeguards, cannot be similarly preserved and moved, and will have to be scrapped.

The new White Salmon Valley Pool is anticipated to be complete by next year.