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Clackamas Community College sophomore Jason Shaner took the NJCAA title for the 133-class and closed out his season with a 28-22 record.

Clackamas Community College won its second consecutive NJCAA wrestling title Saturday, March 7, in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Jason Shaner, Hood River Valley alum, contributed in this achievement by beating Ladamien Sturdivant in the final round for the 133-weight class.

Shaner fought and competed his way to the final with a 28-2 record. In one loss, Shaner wrestled up a weight class because the team needed it and lost due to a concussion he previously suffered in a bus accident.

“I think it was in December,” Shaner said. “We just dueled in Roseburg and on the way over to Reno, we flipped our bus. It was a bad situation but I’m just happy nobody got seriously hurt. Half of our lineup was concussed or had some minor injuries that put us back. We all made it through though. We came back strong at the end of the year. It wasn’t a good experience, but it made us closer as a team.”

To commemorate the incident, the team had “Just roll with it” imprinted in the national shirts they ordered. After taking a week to recover from the accident, Shaner returned to the mat chasing after the title.

“It’s cool to be back-to-back national champions because it’s never been done,” Shaner said. “Our coach, Josh Rhoden, has only had two national championships prior to this year. I was on the team last year that did it. To be honest I knew it was going to be harder to win it a second time, but I knew our team was capable and it was awesome. We did it for our coaches and basically everyone who supports us. We did it for ourselves too, but it’s great to see all of our hard work to pay off for everyone who supports us. We have a big following in Oregon City, Clackamas area and the wrestling community.”

His winning no-compromising attitude stems from a desire to win and excel. Shaner said he doesn’t like losing and always strides to improve.

Shaner’s father, Jason Shaner Sr., said he saw his work ethic since high school.

“I’d like to say it was us but it’s all Jason,” Jason Shaner Sr. said. “People think we push him but it’s not us. Right now he’s still running five, six miles a day. I tell him, ‘You’re not going to wrestle for six months. You can take a week off.’ It’s all him. He sets high goals and he’ll kill himself trying to make it.”

Jason Shaner says he hopes he sets a good example for wrestlers at CCC and at HRV by making the right choices on and off the mat.

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