1920 — 100 years ago

Owing to the urgent demand for a complete market road at Odell, the crew under C.B. Hatch spent last Sunday morning in pouring concrete into the forms and, judging from the good progress made this week, there is every indication that the concrete will be on as far as the railroad track by the end of the week. The people of Odell are now elated over the prospect of having a good road to approach their shipping point. — Hood River News

Local merchants do not expect big cuts on shoe prices before spring. Any price break indicating a swing back to pre-war standards can hardly be expected before the spring, they point out, as the cuts now being made in various commodities are by manufacturers. Dealers say markets here are lower than in the East. — The Dalles Chronicle

1940 — 80 years ago

With mutual agreement between the Forest Service and Hood River County, it is indicated that work on the first unit of the Lost Lake Road improvement will be started in the near future, and it is hoped that fine weather will make it possible to complete the unit this fall. The plan calls for the grading of three miles of this road to a standard width of 24 feet and rocking to a with of 18 feet. The costs have been estimated on the basis of 400 hours of work. Owing to the fact that much of the work involved is essentially of a heavy time necessitating the use of road machinery, it has been decided that WPA labor be not requisitioned. — Hood River News

Sixty-three Oregon projects were included today in a list of prospective airport constructions in a proposed $521,000,000 civil airport program to be carried out in the next several years. Airports in The Dalles, Maupin and Arlington were on the list. — The Dalles Chronicle

1960 — 60 years ago

Elks Will Still Tan Your Hide: Hunters are again being asked to donate the hides from their big game trophies this year to the local Elks lodge collection for Veterans’ leathercraft projects. Clarence Perkins, 1960 chairman for the collection, asks that hunters leave hides at McIsaac’s in Parkdale, at Gehrig’s station in Odell and at the Elks temple in Hood River. — Hood River News

Delivery and use of a new traffic radar produced results yesterday as city police made 14 arrests and issued seven warning tickets. — The Dalles Chronicle

1980 — 40 years ago

The Hood River branch of the Army National Guard went from tanks to anti-tanks Wednesday when Troop K moved out and the First Battalion of the 249th Infantry moved in. The new combat unit, which will be trained for front line anti-tank duty, is one of six companies to form in the state of Oregon. Headquarters is located in Newberg, with Company A in Hood River, Company B in St. Helens, Company C in Newport, Company D in Salem and Company E in Corvallis. Each Company will eventually consist of 91 qualified men. Troop K, which presently includes 63 men, will be transferred with all its equipment to parent units in The Dalles. — Hood River News

2000 — 20 years ago

A little bit of Hood River history got smashed to smithereens Tuesday when the Big Winds building at 207 Front St. was demolished to make room for a brand new store. “Our new building will double our retail and rental space,” Big Winds co-owner Steve Gates grinned as the giant backhoe made its first ripping gash into the old structure. The building has been there a long time. According to co-owner Jeff Hughes, it was a livery stable, a tire shop, a cabinet facility, even a used car lot before Big Winds took it over 12 years ago. The new building is expected to be in place around the first of March next year. — Hood River News