The Dalles High School class of 1959

Pictured are 25 members of The Dalles High School class of 1959 on the Wenger Choral Risers that were purchased by the class in December 2019 for the Civic Auditorium.  

The Dalles High School class of 1959 enjoyed an 80th birthday celebration on Wednesday, Sept. 22 with a dinner at Spooky’s and Thursday, Sept. 23 with a catered brunch at The Dalles Historic Civic Auditorium.

Recently, the Class of 1959 raised $12,739.62 to apply to “The Civic Challenge” $100,000 matching opportunity, which was established in memory of the late Jerry McKay, who was a member of the class of 1959. Thanks to a PUD grant of $20,000, and additional matching funds from the community of $72,965.50, the challenge has been exceeded, said a TDHS class of 1959 press release. A total of $105,705.12 has been contributed toward $100,000 Civic Challenge, enabling the remaining repairs to the exterior of this historical building to be completed.

“It is a fine tribute to our country’s veterans and a wonderful venue for many events held in The Dalles,” said the press release. “Thank you so much to all who made this dream become a reality in only eighteen months, even during the COVID-19 Pandemic. A dedication for the completion of this work will be scheduled sometime in the future.”

In December 2019, the class purchased Wenger Choral Risers for the Civic. The group was able to raise more than $11,000 in two and a half months for this project. The new risers are available to those who use the Civic. They are very sturdy and easy to move from one area of the auditorium to another, said the press release.

The Dalles High School Class of 1959 would like to encourage other high school or college classes, as well as everyone in the Columbia Gorge community, to find a worthy project to assist with and see what can be accomplished to make a difference.