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Sense of Place provides opportunities to learn about the Columbia Gorge region and its related history, people and landscapes.

Now in its 11th season, the popular lecture series will be live-streamed and video archived 

Trout Lake, Wash. (October 9, 2020) — Mt. Adams Institute has announced the line-up for the annual Sense of Place Lecture Series. Now in its 11th season, the series will feature virtual lectures rather than in-person events as a way to mitigate risks associated with COVID-19. As in previous years, lectures will occur on the second or third Wednesday of the month, October through April, at 7 p.m. Descriptions of each lecture and information about how to access the lectures are available at mtadamsinstitute.org/senseofplace.

Oct. 21 — Responding to a Pandemic: An Indigenous Perspective
Speakers: Emily Washines and Chuck Sams

Nov. 18 — Klickitat Country: The Cradle of Plant Based Diets
Speaker: Seth Tibbott

Dec. 16  Meet Your Neighbor: A Conversation with Gladys Rivera
Speaker: Gladys Rivera

Jan. 13 — Magical, Menacing, and Magnificent Wildlife: How to Ensure their Future in the Gorge
Speaker: Bill Weiler

Feb. 17 — Black Pioneers on the Oregon Trail
Speaker: Zachary Stocks

March 10 — The Legacy and Promise of Land Grant Universities and Oregon State Extension in the Gorge
Speaker: Ann Harris

April 14 — Pikas Under Fire: American Pika Ecology and Behavior in a Time of Global Change
Speaker: Dr. Johanna Varner

The season welcomes the return of Sarah Fox as the host and curator. “The format of this season will be unconventional, but the line-up of speakers could not be more intriguing. The variety of topics and range of guests will provide a great opportunity to learn about and connect to the Gorge during this fall and winter.”

This season, Sense of Place will offer a few exciting “firsts."
1) All lectures will be recorded, archived, and made available to the public.
2) Admission to the lectures will be free, with the option to donate to support the program.
3) The December lecture will be made available in both Spanish and English.

Also new this season, Sense of Place has launched the Dear Neighbor Project, which provides a way for participants to engage with one another in meaningful ways. Dear Neighbor is a letter-exchange project that will run concurrently with season 11 of Sense of Place. More information can be found at mtadamsinstitute.org/dear-neighbor.

“The decision to move forward with season 11 came after overwhelming support from an audience survey expressing a desire for the season, even in a virtual format,” said  Fox. “A memorable sentiment from the surveys was that having Sense of Place this year would provide a needed sense of continuity for the community.”

Sense of Place is a program of the Mt. Adams Institute, whose mission is to strengthen the connection to the natural world through education, service learning, career development, and research. “When we heard from the Sense of Place audience that they supported us hosting a virtual lecture series in spite of pandemic restrictions, we knew we had to find a way,” said Brendan Norman, executive director of Mt. Adams Institute. “I have no doubt the line-up, the topics, and the new additions to this season are going to make it a Sense of Place series unlike any we’ve had before.”

The Sense of Place lecture series is seeking sponsors for the upcoming season. Sponsorship allows businesses and individuals to support these important conversations while also advertising your services. With the new online format and video archiving feature, sponsors will have a great opportunity to reach a broader audience expanding beyond the Gorge. To learn more about becoming a Sense of Place sponsor, email Fox at sop@mtadamsinstitute.org.

For more information, please go to mtadamsinstitute.org/senseofplace.

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