Wasco County Sheriff

Sept. 18-25

Agency assists

Sept. 18 — Sevenmile Road — Plugged and overflowing culvert reported. The county road department was advised.

Sept. 19 — Mountain View Drive, 2400 block, Mosier — Brush fire reported.

Animal calls

Sept. 18 — Carroll Road, 1400 block — Two cows at large reported. Deputies assisted in securing the cattle in a trailer.

Sept. 19 — Tygh Ridge Road at Highway 197 — Cows at large reported.

Sept. 22 — Eightmile Road, 7000 block — Female cited for four counts of livestock at large and criminal mischief III.

Sept. 24 — S. Barn Road, Wamic — Deer dispatched after running into a fenceline.

Assaults, harassment, menacing and domestic violence:

Sept. 18 — N.W. Main Street, Dufur — Domestic dispute reported. 

Sept. 22 — Third Avenue, Mosier — Harassment reported.

Sept. 23 — Celilo Park — Harassment reported.

Sept. 23 — W. Oak Street — Disturbance reported.

Disorderly conduct, mischief, criminal trespass and vandalism:

Sept. 19 — Main Street, Dufur — Female trespassed from a property in The Dalles.

Sept. 19 — Cemetery Lane, 57000 block, Tygh Valley — Criminal mischief reported. Unauthorized sawing down of trees. 

Sept. 20 — N. Frontage Road, 0-100 block, Tygh Valley — Trespass reported.

Sept. 21 — Wolf Run Road, 78000 block, Dufur — Trespassing reported.

Sept. 21 — Taylor Lake — Criminal mischief to a vehicle reported. A window was broken. The vehicle was towed.

Sept. 22 — Wolf Run Road, 78000 block, Dufur — Trespass reported. 

Sept. 22 — Mt. Hood Street, 500 block — Trespass reported. An intoxicated male was causing a disturbance.

Identity theft or bank/credit card fraud:

Sept. 18 — Second Avenue, 500 block, Mosier — Subject reported receiving a phone call from a male who identified himself as a police officer. The male asked the subject for and confirmed his social security number, and then hung up. The subject reported the incident to Social Security; a deputy called the number and found it didn’t work.

Motor vehicle crashes, incidents, offenses and impounds:

Sept. 18 — Sevenmile Hill Road, 6100 block — Traffic crash reported. A car went through a fence and into a pasture.

Sept. 19 — Threemile Road and Dry Hollow Road — Two car traffic crash reported. A female driver was reported as intoxicated. The vehicles were towed and citations were issued.

Sept. 19 — Wamic Market Road — Three car traffic crash reported. Life Flight was called. All three vehicles were towed. Oregon State Police initiated a blood draw from one of the parties.   

Sept. 22 — Rowena Crest Viewpoint — Traffic crash reported. A vehicle ran off the road. No injuries were reported. The vehicle was towed.

Sept. 23 — Dufur Valley Road, 78000 block — Traffic crash reported. A juvenile flipped on an ATV into a ravine. Pain but no visible injuries reported.

Sept. 24 — Bakeoven Road and Highway 197, Maupin — Vehicle vs. car rollover crash reported. The driver was uninjured. Vehicle damage was reported to be more than $2,500.

Sept. 25 — Highway 26 at milepost 74 — The highway was closed due to a fatal crash in the Warm Springs area.

Outstanding warrants, parole, probation or terms violations:

Sept. 18 — Washington Street, 500 block — Subject lodged at NORCOR on a felony warrant.

Sept. 21 — The Dalles — Male warned for a restraining order violation.

Sept. 21 — Washington Street, 500 block — Female cited and released on a warrant.

Sept. 21 — Mosier Creek Road, 2200 block — Male lodged at NORCOR on a parole violation.

Theft, burglary or robbery:

Sept. 18 — W. 13th, 3600 block — Unlocked vehicle entered overnight. 

Sept. 18 — Wallace Street, 45000 block, Antelope — Theft of city property reported.

Sept. 18 — W. 13th, 3500 block — Car prowl reported.

Sept. 18 — Sixth Street, 9300 block, Shaniko — Theft of oil from a vehicle reported.

Sept. 19 — Fifth Street, 300 block — Theft from unlocked vehicles reported to have happened overnight. Items taken included a black backpack with spotting scope, binoculars, range finder, hunting knife set and a portable battery charger.

Sept. 19 — Highway 26, Madras — Stolen vehicle filled with personal property, including jewelry due to fire evacuation, reported (attempt to locate).

Sept. 23 — Discovery Drive, 4500 block — Home prowl reported.


Sept. 18-25 — Wasco County — Deputies responded to three mental health and/or welfare checks.


The Dalles Police

Sept. 18-24

Agency assists

Sept. 19 — W. Sixth, 1200 block — Officers assisted with a medical call.

Sept. 19 — Lone Pine In Lieu Site — Fire by the maintenance shed reported. A melted gas can and cordless drill were found under a fuel tank. It appeared as if someone drilled a hole in the tank and removed fuel, and a fire started and was quickly put out by an unknown person. 

Sept. 19 — W. 10th and Walnut — Structure fire reported. 

Sept. 20 — E. 19th, 1700 block — Hospital staff reported a male who appeared to be in his 20s reported being assaulted, but did not know his name, date of birth or place of residence and requested officer assistance.

Sept. 21 — E. 19th, 700 block — House fire reported. Officers assisted in getting people and vehicles out of the area for the fire department. 

Sept. 23 — The Dalles — Suicidal subject transported to the hospital.

Animal calls

Sept. 19 — E. 13th, 2200 block — Dog bite reported.

Sept. 20 — W. 20th Street, 300 block — Dogs attacking another dog reported. The dog that was attacked was on leash and collared. The owner of the dogs that attacked was advised to quarantine her dogs at home for 10 days.

Sept. 21 — W. Eighth and Walnut — Dog reported to have been harassing a female and her dog. Officers made contact at the home where similar dog at large calls had been previously logged. The subject who answered the door said the dog was no longer in the city.

Sept. 24 — Trevitt Street and W. 11th — Dog at large reported. It had no collar.

Sept. 24 — Court Street, 400 block — Dog at large reported with a collar but no tags. It was lodged at the animal shelter.

Assaults, harassment, menacing and domestic violence:

Sept. 19 — Veterans Drive — Domestic dispute reported. 

Sept. 19 — E. 13th, 1300 block — Female arrested and lodged at NORCOR for reckless endangering, domestic harassment and attempt to create a crime (C felony).

Sept. 19 — E. 12th — Domestic dispute reported.

Sept. 19 — E. 12th and Dry Hollow — Harassment reported.

Sept. 19 — Mt. Hood Street — Harassment reported.

Sept. 19 — E. Ninth — Harassment reported.

Sept. 19 — Garrison Street — Harassment reported.

Sept. 21 — W. Seventh — Domestic dispute reported.

Sept. 22 — W. Second — Two juveniles were reported to be fighting. Both went home with their guardians.

Sept. 23 — W. Sixth — Domestic dispute reported.

Sept. 23 — W. Hostetler Street — Harassment reported.

Sept. 23 — Mt. Hood Street — Harassment reported.

Sept. 24 — W. Seventh — Harassment reported.

Sept. 24 — W. 11th — Telephonic harassment reported. A female in Tacoma was warned via voicemail for telephonic harassment.

Disorderly conduct, mischief, criminal trespass and vandalism:

Sept. 18 — W. Third, 300 block — Trespass reported.

Sept. 18 — E. 11th, 300 block — Male cited for trespass II.

Sept. 18 — W. Sixth, 1300 block — Disorderly conduct reported.

Sept. 18 — Court Street, 400 block — Male cited for criminal mischief I and attempted criminal mischief I after breaking a window at the police station. He was lodged at NORCOR.

Sept. 18 — E. 14th, 700 block — Criminal mischief to vehicles reported.

Sept. 19 — Union Street, 100 block — Male trespassed from a property.

Sept. 19 — W. Second — Trespass reported.

Sept. 19 — W. Sixth — Female taken to NORCOR for disorderly conduct II but was denied lodging due to a hand injury. The female refused medical treatment. She was cited and released and trespassed from a property.

Sept. 20 — Mt. Hood Street, 500 block — Male trespassed from a property.

Sept. 22 — W. Pomona Street, 700 block — Criminal mischief reported. Someone tore down all of the no trespassing signs and dumped garbage on a property, as well as spray painted graffiti on a building.

Sept. 22 — Klindt Drive and River Road — A male and female were cited and released for criminal trespass.

Sept. 22 — E. 19th, 700 block — Trespass reported. Subjects have been coming by to look at fire damage to a house.

Sept. 22 — W. Eighth, 2400 block — A rock was thrown through a home window (criminal mischief).

Sept. 22 — W. Fourth — Disturbance reported. A male was warned for disorderly conduct.

Sept. 22 — W. sixth, 1800 block — Male trespassed from a property after causing a disturbance. 

Sept. 23 — Pentland and W. Second Place — Male trespassed from a property.

Sept. 23 — Webber Street, 200 block — Criminal mischief reported. Subjects cut a fence and were using the power at a business.

Sept. 23 — W. Ninth, 2000 block — Graffiti reported (criminal mischief).

Sept. 23 — W. Seventh, 3200 block — Slashed tires on a vehicle reported (criminal mischief).

Sept. 23 — E. 11th, 800 block — Disorderly conduct reported.

Sept. 24 — Court Street, 700 block — Damaged catalytic converter reported. Subjects were seen the previous evening attempting to cut the converter out of a vehicle; witnesses chased the subjects off (criminal mischief).

Sept. 24 — E. Ninth, 1400 block — Male returned to a property from which he had been trespassed.

Motor vehicle crashes, incidents, offenses and impounds:

Sept. 19 — Brewery Grade Roundabout — Hit and run reported as part of a possible road rage incident.

Sept. 20 — Montana Street and Dry Hollow Road — Traffic crash reported. A car flipped after hitting a telephone pole. Life Flight was launched at the hospital. The vehicle was towed.

Sept. 20 — W. Sixth and Webber — Three car traffic rash reported. One driver was cited for running a red light and careless driving.

Sept. 20 — W. Sixth and Snipes — Male cited for property hit and run.

Sept. 20 — W. Sixth, 900 block — Two car, non-injury traffic crash reported. 

Sept. 21 — W. Second — Three motor homes were tagged to be towed on Wednesday.

Sept. 21 — I-84 at exit 87 overpass — Motorcycle vs. vehicle accident reported. Officers assisted in traffic control; Oregon State Police took over the case. The intersection was closed for about an hour.

Sept. 22 — W. Eighth and Walnut — Vehicle towed by code enforcement officers.

Sept. 22 — W. Second, 1800 block — A male was struck by a vehicle as he attempted to cross a road on foot. He was transported to the hospital.

Sept. 23 — E. Second, 600 block — Three counts of hit and run, failure to perform the duties of a driver reported.

Sept. 24 — W. Sixth, 400 block — Vehicle blocking a driveway reported. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and said she would move the vehicle in 15 minutes. Twenty minutes later, a second phone call was placed by officers and the female hung up; the third call went to voicemail. The female did not move the vehicle. It was towed and impounded for prohibitive parking.

Sept. 24 — Pentland Street, 300 block — Abandoned vehicle towed.

Outstanding warrants, parole, probation or terms violations:

Sept. 19 — The Dalles — Possible restraining order violation reported.

Sept. 20 — Sorosis Park — Male cited and released on an arrest warrant.

Sept. 21 — E. Seventh, 400 block — Male cited and released for three warrants out of Wasco County.

Sept. 21 — W. Second, 2600 block — Male arrested on an outstanding confirmed Wasco County Circuit Court warrant and lodged at NORCOR.

Sept. 22 — Seventh Street and Chenowith Loop — Male cited and released on a failure to appear war-rant.

Sept. 22 — Seventh and Hostetler — Male cited and released for a failure to appear warrant out of Hood River.

Sept. 23 — E. 12th, 1100 block — Male cited and released for a probation violation warrant and instruct-ed to call his probation officer.

Theft, burglary or robbery:

Sept. 18 — W. Sixth, 3100 block — Burglary II reported. Items were taken but recovered nearby.

Sept. 18 — W. Sixth, 3200 block — Theft of a ladder reported, with damage to a door handle and deadbolt (burglary II).

Sept. 18 — Theft II reported. A hitch and stereo system were stolen.

Sept. 18 — W. Seventh, 2700 block — Gas siphoned out of a vehicle reported (theft).

Sept. 18 — W. Pomona Street, 900 block — Theft of a mountain bike reported (theft II).

Sept. 19 — W. Snipes Street, 700 block — A storage unit had been broken into and several items stolen, valued around $10,000. Case number taken for burglary II and theft I.

Sept. 19 — W. Sixth, 1700 block — Car prowl reported. A male fled from the scene.

Sept. 20 — E. Eighth, 900 block — Theft of election yard signs reported overnight.

Sept. 20 — W. Seventh, 2700 block — Theft of three bikes from a shed reported.

Sept. 20 — E. 14th, 1900 block — Car prowl reported.

Sept. 21 — W. 13th, 3700 block — Items found on the ground on the side of a building, including vehicle registration and photos. The owner of the items was contacted and reported that his vehicle had been broken into the week prior and items should be turned over to the police. A case number was taken for found property.

Sept. 21 — W. Second, 2400 block — Theft reported. Someone jumped a fence and cut the catalytic converter on a company truck. It was later reported that two businesses had fences cut and catalytic converters cut on vehicles.

Sept. 21 — W. Seventh, 2000 block — Subject reported to have stayed at a local hotel Sept. 10-12 when they had to evacuate from Oregon City due to fire. They brought nine boxes worth of important paperwork with them. The did not touch the boxes once at the hotel and when they got home, did not open them, thinking they might have to evacuate again. They opened the boxes Sept. 20 to put everything away and noted their passports and social security cards were missing. The hotel front desk advised housekeeping is not supposed to enter rooms until guests leave, but the subject believed that the hotel is where the items went missing, since the documents were only in their vehicle, home and hotel room. 

Sept. 21 — W. Sixth, 3600 block — Theft of tools from a trailer reported to have taken place Sept. 19 between 10:45 a.m. and noon, valued around $160. 

Sept. 21 — W. 10th, 200 block — Theft of $8,000 reported. The subject did not want to press charges.

Sept. 22 — W. Eighth, 300 block — Theft II, theft of a business phone, reported. A female was trespassed from a property.

Sept. 22 — W. Eighth, 2000 block — Theft of a catalytic converter reported to have happened some-time between Sept. 9-21.

Sept. 22 — Second and Union — Theft reported.

Sept. 22 — W. Second, 2700 block — Theft of a catalytic converter within the last week reported.

Sept. 22 — Mt. Hood Street, 500 block — Theft of an electric shopping cart reported. The cart was located and returned.

Sept. 23 — E. 13th — Marijuana plant reported as stolen.

Sept. 23 — Cherry Heights Road — Stolen vehicle in The Dalles located in Redmond.

Sept. 24 — W. 10th, 2100 block — Stolen vehicle reported. 

Sept. 24 — E. Second, 2900 block — Theft of a catalytic converter reported.

Sept. 24 — W. Eighth, 2500 block — Stolen air pods reported to have occurred Sept. 22 (theft II).


Sept. 18-24 — The Dalles — Officers responded to 22 mental health and/or welfare checks.

Sept. 19 — W. 10th, 2200 block — Unattended death reported.

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