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Who Gives a Split: Kristyn Fix, left, Bill Morrissey, Patty Morrissey and Dave Aiken.

The scrappy and very popular Tuesday Nite Mixed league at Orchard Lanes held its championship roll-off last week. This league splits its season into two halves; the roll-off format was a three-game total pin match between the first and second place teams in both halves. Take Ten won the first half and Who Gives a Split finished second; Lords of Pinterfell won the second half and Take Ten finished second, which prompted an exception because the league requires four teams in the championship roll-off. Thus, Are You Splitting Me made the roll-off because it had the most wins without finishing first or second in either round. 

Match results were: Who Gives a Split with 2,683 total pins, Take Ten with 2,583 total pins; Are You Splitting Me with 2,541 total Pins; and Lords of Pinterfell with 2,524 total Pins. Congratulations to the champs, Who Gives a Split: Kristyn Fix, Bill Morrissey, Patty Morrissey and Dave Aiken.

It seems like the 2019-20 league bowling season came in like a lamb. Scoring was a bit difficult. It’s going out like a lion. Last week, there were two more perfect 300 games by young power ball artist Brandon Kawachi and Bill Whetstine, both in the Fraternal league. A reliable source said it was Brandon’s 12th career 300. And this was Bill’s second perfect game this season and eighth career perfecto.

Bill used a new big-hooking ball to string those 12 straight strikes. These guys are simply tearing up the lanes. Brandon plays the lanes inside, more down the middle, with buzz-saw revs, which simply blasts the sticks into oblivion. Bill’s game is a bit more in the track area around the second arrow, down and in, also with lots of speed. This give Bill a textbook angle of entry into the 1-3 pocket which produces piles of strikes. And the proof is in the pudding as Bill is currently locked in a tight battle for high average in the city with all-pro Jeff Miller.  Bill is at 220 and Jeff is at 223.

There were five 700s last week, two by pin-buster Brandon Kawachi with a nasty 769 in the Fraternal, which was the high series of the week at the lanes and a 712 in the Industrial league. Bill Whetstine blasted a mighty fine 752 in the Fraternal and Jeff Miller notched a 711 in the same session as he honored that famous quick-trip store. Although number 5 was the lowest, a scratch, right on the nose, even 700 three gamer by Randy Nieto in the Industrial, it was 160 pins over his average, tops at the lanes last week. Randy also used a new ball to notch his first 700 of the season and onlookers report this was also his first career 700. With all of this big shooting, it seems appropriate that Brandon, Bill and Randy should share the honor of bowlers of the week with the Tuesday Nite Mixed Champs, Kristyn, Dave, Patty and Bill.  Great bowling everybody!

Bowling Championship

Remember, the 68th annual Hood River City bowling championship tournament is coming up at Orchard Lanes March 14-22. It’s a handicap format so everybody has a chance to win. As they say, you can’t win if you don’t play. Handicap is 95 percent of 220 and there will be team, doubles, singles and all events.  Get off your duff and bowl!

Get those entries in to Patrick Olson at the lane. Call 541-386-1326 for more info.


Monday night Industrial:

Brandon Kawachi — 279 game and 712 series

Randy Nieto — 257 game and 700 series

Dustin Ticknor — 239 game and 685 series

Joey Sheirbon — 276, 237 games and 677 series

Steve Byers — 253 game

Jeff Miller — 238 game

Nancy Asai — 210, 201 games

Tuesday Nite Mixed:

Nancy Asai — 206 game and 602 series

Brandon Kawachi — 247 game

Jeff Hasegawa — 245 game

Wednesday afternoon senior Colts & Fillies:

Mike Parke — 258, 225 games and 661 series

Lee Rogers — 237, 224 games and 652 series

Lynn Spellman — 236, 229 games and 634 series

Frani Thompson—201 game

Wednesday night Fraternal:

Brandon Kawachi — 300, 244 games and 769 series

Bill Whetstine — 300 game and 752 series

Jeff Miller — 269 game and 711 series

Aaron Troxel — 278 game

Levi Phelps — 243 game

Bill Pullum — 238 game

Lynn Spellman — 237 game

Bernie Keys — 229 game

Thursday afternoon senior Lads & Lassies:

Bernie Keys — 207 game

George Buck — 201 game

Thursday afternoon County league:

Rod Pratt — 203 game

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