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To our Wasco County Commissioners:

As we drove the old highway last night, stopping at the Tom McCall preserve, it was twilight. I wanted to catch a few photos of the wildflowers in case we weren't able to drive that way again during prime bloom. We were astonished at the number of cars and people there at that time of day.

Do you have any idea?, you must!, at what a draw our incredible gorge is for people? Do you realize, you must!, the state helps subsidize our county costs toward the paperwork involved in assisting Gorge preservation? We come out ahead however you look at it because those two dozen cars that were with us at twilight spend money in Wasco County! And, they return!

Do you realize the reason our tourism has increased on the river is because the Gorge has been protected? Those passengers on the several cruise lines know what to expect, and without our county's participation, I don't doubt that will change. Hood River County is an alternative for them. I don't want to lose them to other better offers, why do you? It's amazing how often we greet passengers who are returning. They also come back again by car. And, I assure you, they all spend their dollars here, even the crew members.

It's our responsibility to preserve what we have here. It's also your responsibility to keep our county residents from having extra hoops to jump through when wishing to make home improvements. They deserve a break!

Wasco County must continue to be a key player in preserving our incredible Gorge. We must stay in the Gorge Commission!

Sandra Haechrel

The Dalles

Guardian Angel

On Sunday May 2, in the evening, my dog fled the Eagle Creek Overlook Group Campground. She has never done so before, but the booms scared her.

You told me she went down the road. You then drove, saw her and drove miles to come back to tell me where you saw my dog.

You gave me a ride that led me to know my dog was heading on 84 westbound. You dropped me off so I could run after her. I dangerously chased her for miles.

You then were there when my dad drove down. Because of you, my dad knew where to go. He picked me up on the highway. We drove another two miles and we got my dog. She was completely safe.

We got her because of you. I cannot thank you so much. When I tell the story, I refer to you as my dog’s guardian angel. You are the reason my dog is safe. Thank you.

From the fellow huge dog lover!

Jen Marrinan


What about us?

Hey Columbia Gorge News, I have been reading your paper since Hood River News merged with CGN. I have very much enjoyed it. There is something missing however!

On the front of the newspaper it states Columbia Gorge News, Hood River, The Dalles and White Salmon! Guess what? Cascade Locks is an incorporated city in the Columbia Gorge, just minutes from Hood River and The Dalles.

How come the "goings ons" here are never mentioned in the Columbia Gorge News?

Why, just this week there was an enormous cruise ship docked in the canal, Northwest Trail Alliance volunteers came and cleaned up the Easy Climb Trail (it is a beautiful mountain bike trail, by the way) and The Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge is back in Cascade Locks with daily excursions.

The Cascade Locks Museum has opened for the season! There is a new museum director and she has put together some fabulous exhibits rich in history about our area.

New businesses are springing up and the town is a "bee hive" of activity on the weekends.

Also missing from the newspaper was any information about the candidates running for Cascade Locks Port Commission. It seems the second largest city in Hood River County (Cascade Locks) located "smack dab" in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge should be represented in the Columbia Gorge News!

I feel like the "Whos" in Dr. Suess's story "Horton Hears A Who!" shouting out, "We're here, we're here, we're here!"

Kari Goben

Cascade Locks

Editor's note: This year's election coverage did not feature the Port of Cascade Locks board this year because the races were uncontested and our resources were temporarily limited with the loss of our Hood River area editor.

Freedom of religion

A man from The Hood contacted me. He was concerned that I was suggesting that Americans should not have “Freedom of Religion.” Of course they should … absolutely. To exaggerate the point, I would even give my permission and consent for folks to worship their “smart phone.”

What I am suggesting to one reasonable intelligent person out there is simple. Once a person decides to worship the specific g-o-d revealed in the writings of Moshe, the Hebrew Prophets, the Psalms and the Apostles letters then “freedom of religious diversity” stops. This is understood by reading the instruction manual. An arrogant man can simply ignore the manual and do what he wants. Cain did this. The historical account of Cain’s mistake is in Genesis 4.

Like any book the foundation principles are in the early chapters and these principles are carried into the proceeding chapters for correct guidance and accurate knowledge. The lesson learned from Cain’s actions is simple, there is only “one way” to approach the Creator, according to the manual, and it should be obeyed.

Cain and Abel sought reconciliation with the Creator. They were instructed exactly how to do so. Blood. Blood must be offered. A life must be taken and given.

This is what their father and mother learned. Adam and Eve thought fig leaves would “cover up” the situation they had worked themselves into. Their diverse church practice was wrong.

Cain arrogantly offered unacceptable vegetables instead of blood. Cain alienated himself from the Creator permanently for he did not correct his “religious practice” but killed the obedient humble brother. The Cain “church” was doomed but they had their “religious diversity.”

Men do not have the right to decide how they will approach the Creator. The church’s business method of offering and selling diverse religious practices is not founded on the humility of Abel but on the arrogance of Cain. The church businesses continue to reflect the arrogant nasty murdering attitude of Cain. For this reason millions of people find the church system insincere “religious freedom.” Truth is not in church but in the books of the Scripture. Obedient knowledge is “freedom.”

Gary Fischer

The Dalles

Against HR School Board political funding

I was dismayed to find a Political Action Committee mailer in my mailbox for one of our local school board candidates, Heidi Parr. The school board should not be a political position, nor should outside political interests bring their agendas to our schools. For this reason, I will not vote for Heidi Parr. 

Hood River County voters, beware of candidates accepting Political Action Committee money regardless of political affiliation.

Svea Truax

Hood River