Constitutional attack

In regards to the H.R.1/S.1 bill, some information: Same bill is a direct attack on the U.S. Constitution because it:

1) Cripples voter I.D. laws making it easier for non-citizens to vote illegally.

2) Forces states to unconstitutionally give felons the right to vote the moment they leave prison.

3) Institutes same day voter registration causing massive voter fraud and election day chaos.

4) Prevents election officials from removing ineligible voters from voter rolls.

5) Lines the pockets of politicians by publicly funding campaigns and loosening regulations on campaign expenses.

6) Strips states of their constitutional roles in drawing congressional districts and gives same to unaccountable “independent” commissions run by Democrats.

7) Abolishes your fist amendment right to free speech and to criticize the government.

Look at Nevada for an example:

A) Not legally registered ballots jammed through, required signature matches ignored and ballots created after election day.

B) At least 9,000 people not living in Nevada voted there, and

C) More than 100,000 people were sent ballots even though they moved or were dead.

If passed, H.R.1/S.1 will take the Nevada model of voter fraud and cram it down the throats of all states nationally! This evil bill is not fair nor right. Don’t let it pass, stand with these senators who are against this bill and encourage them.

Bruce and Nikki Amoss


Editor’s note: According to the Nevada Secretary of State, no evidence was found to support allegations of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election in Nevada, as described above.

What’s next

Does Donald Trump, as a civilian, want to replace our flag?

All this after a lot of veterans, both men and women, lost their lives and/or became disabled as I have!

This is un-American and it hurts. Trump needs to go to another country where nobody has freedom of speech or movement. Donald Trump is only a dictator and wants to be king of all!

A proud American veteran,

Steve Cochenour

The Dalles

Misunderstood symptom

For months I have been pondering a local lawn sign which reads “Pray to End Abortion.” In 55 years, I have yet to hear or read any pro-choice thoughts which suggest abortion is something good like a hot fudge sundae or surf and turf dinner. Abortion has been presented as a black and white issue as to whether or not the government has the right to tell a woman and her doctor what to do. I believe our country is looking at the issue from a completely incorrect perspective. The large number of abortions in the U.S. suggest they are merely a symptom of a much large problem.

As a healthcare provider, I propose that many abortions performed in the U.S. are the result of unwanted pregnancies caused by deeper psychosocial and psycho emotional issues. Specifically, women who seek abortions have often been abused in some way. Considerable professional research suggests drug and alcohol abuse and engaging in promiscuous behavior is often tied to issues of abuse. Poor choices caused by low self-worth lead to bad results, including unwanted pregnancies.

I wonder how many of the roughly 1 million annual abortions in the U.S. would be performed if all the religious, social, and legal efforts to eliminate them were redirected toward ensuring young women were not abused, raped or treated as second-class human beings. I bet we wouldn’t be talking about abortion.

Steven Kaplan

Hood River

Good people everywhere

We were recently in Walla Walla, enjoying dinner at Walla Walla Steak, celebrating our 51st wedding anniversary. There was a table of young ladies next us, moms and daughters, attending a sports event in the city. When we asked for our bill, the waiter said it had been taken care of. After bribing her, she indicated it was the ladies seated next to us. I hope they read this newspaper to find out that they made a very special evening even more special. With all the strife and dissension going on in the world, it really comes down to people, who are good everywhere. Thank you very much for your very personal, very appreciated gesture.

Rick Peenstra

Kennewick, Wash.

Created equally

As Juneteenth becomes a federal holiday, it’s amazing to watch one of the corner stones of our constitution in action. That all people are created equally. For a large part of our history, that was not the case, with African Americans enslaved and brought to the U.S. against their will. It’s something I can’t comprehend as my family history does not include that level of pain.

Continuing to live up to the ideals of those enduring words “All are created equal” will only make us stronger and more cohesive as a nation. There’s still a lot of work ahead but it’s good to celebrate our shared victories.

It’s frankly one of the most patriotic things I can imagine to be able to see the federal declaration of the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act. I’m not fully sure how to commemorate the day yet other than to continually educate myself to the complex history of African Americans in the U.S.

Black Lives Matter!

Avery Hoyt

White Salmon

Take note

Residents of Hood River, Wasco and Sherman county, take note! Oregon House Bill 3115 is being considered by the Legislature to regulate local laws regarding homeless camping on public spaces. This bill would allow the homeless to camp and live on public property.

It says that such local laws must be objectively reasonable as to time, place and manner as applied to homeless persons. This means that the activities cannot be outright banned or restricted! They can only be reasonable regulated as to where or when or how.

This has two huge effects on cities and counties. It allows a person to challenge the reasonableness of the law, and receive attorney fees if they are successful in that challenge. A challenge for cities or counties could be very costly in attorney fees and the cities/counties ability to regulate “tent cities” such as those that are plaguing Portland is diminished.

The term “objectively reasonable” is vague, and can be subject to interpretation depending on geographic locations and courts. Homeless camping on public property poses a danger to nearby neighborhoods because many of the homeless suffer with mental illness and substance abuse. Communities are forced to “put up” with the garbage, crime and bad behavior of those who are homeless campers.

This bill is no solution to the problem! It places yet another costly burden on tax payers and is detrimental to communities and neighborhoods around the state. Contact your District Representative and Senator and ask them to vote against House Bill 3115. Lets find a better, long term solution to the problem of homelessness, substance abuse and mental illness that doesn’t endanger the livability of cities and communities across Oregon for the majority of Oregonians. Representative Anna Williams District 52, 503-986-1452, Senator Chuck Thomsen District 26, 503-986-1726, Representative Greg Smith, 541-676-5154.

Kari Goben

Cascade Locks

Political funding

This letter is to respond to the May 19 paper that raised concerns about the PAC (Political Action Committee) that Heidi Parr formed when she ran for Hood River County School Board.

The author was concerned that by virtue of having a PAC, that Parr was controlled by “outside interests” and that these interests “should not bring their agendas to our schools."

Oregon law requires that any candidate that runs for office is required to form a PAC if they exceed $750 in campaign contributions or expenditures. The fact that Parr simply complied with Oregon law (did her opponent?) has nothing to do with origins of her support or outside agendas.

If the writer is really concerned about PACs and their influence on the school district she need look no further than current school board member Chrissy Reitz. Chrissy maintains a PAC (Chrissy for Oregon — Orestar) that has a balance of more that $24,000. Its left over from her unsuccessful run for State Senate.

The PAC was funded by a myriad of outside interests, including tens of thousands of dollars from teacher unions.

Does this special interest slush fund influence Chrissy’s actions on the board? Could it have been a contributing factor to the generous contract that the board just negotiated with district teachers? A contract with significant pay and benefit increases for teachers who remained employed during the COVID year, while our local private sector experienced financial distress due to shutdowns and restrictions?

Maybe the letter's author will join me in requesting that Chrissy Reitz dissolve her PAC while she sits on the school board to remove the appearance of outside influences bringing their agendas into our district.

Rick Larson

Hood River

Missing birds?

For the first time in memory all the little birds that visit our feeder in Odell have disappeared for the last six weeks. Are others noticing the absence of little birds (sparrows, chickadees, goldfinches)? What has caused their disappearance? Are they being the canary in the coal mine?

Peter Frothingham


Abiding by Scripture

Another reason many reasonable, commonsense thinking people resent the Hebrew Scriptures (the bible) is because those who claim to use it treat it with bold contempt and disrespect. That is what you see … dishonor.

This very immoral rather disgusting political fray we are engaged in (all futile) is supposed to be off limits to those who claim a relationship with Yahshua (Jesus). It is very clear that the knowledgeable and complete Scripture reader is not to have a voice or vote in political matters. Wow! I must be insane. I would be the only Scripture related person in the entire Gorge to claim that was a truth from Scripture.

Not voicing your vote is part of a fundamental principle that is to be accepted and worked out by the true believer. Suffering. The cowardly, money loving church pastor would never teach the paying customer that they should ever suffer.

This would be an example of suffering (silently) when living in the truth. A law is passed stating everyone must pay a $1,000 abortion tax. There are two options. Move from the district or suffer the penalty for not paying the abortion tax.

Engaging in worldly affairs is forbidden by commandment from Yahshua. This law is as easy to read and understand as the law stating sisters are commanded not to govern or teach the brothers. Unacceptable in today’s world but it is a commandment for those within the truth.

The pastor-operated church is a dishonorable system. It sanctions the lusts of human flesh. Pastor would lose all the paying customers if they taught Scripture as this, “Friendship with the world is hostility towards the Father …whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of the Father.” Voicing your vote makes one a friend of the world.

Don’t like abortions? Fine, then DO something to help prevent pregnancies. DO something to help that young woman raise that child. “Prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves.” Abiding by Scripture is honorable.

Gary Fischer

The Dalles