Three fishermen were rescued early the morning of May 2 after their vessel overturned near the confluence of the Klickitat and Columbia rivers.

According to a press release detailing the event, Klickitat County 911 Dispatch advised Klickitat County Sheriff Deputy Randy Wells of an overturned boat with three individuals in the water.

Deputy Chance Leroue arrived in the area first to get “eyes on" the three males reported to be in the water.

Leroue was able to locate the headlamps of the three tribal fishermen and helped deputies with directions to their location.

A patrol boat was launched, with Wells, Deputy Mitch Keglay and Inter-tribal Fisheries Enforcement officer Mike Cook onboard.

The three deputies maneuvered around fishing bouys and nets in the pitch black night, and Cook’s knowledge helped the crew guide the vessel around fishing nets in the water and sandbars.

The three fishermen were clinging to the overturned boat when agents arrived.

Cook and Wells used a throw rope to retrieve the cold fishermen and pulled them aboard the patrol boat where they had warm blankets waiting for them.

Medics and first responders were waiting on shore for the near-hypothermic fishermen. They were seen by medics and cleared with no injuries.

Rescued were William Frank Slockish, 35, from Wishram, Alexis R. Anguiano, 31, from Klickitat County and Jordan W. Jackson, 33, from Klickitat County.

“The quick responses by all helped to save three lives,” Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer said. “As sheriff, I am so proud of the outstanding work of all those involved in saving the life of these three men. This is what law enforcement work is all about.