A Klickitat County Sheriff’s deputy sustained “minor injuries” while responding to a disturbance Feb. 4 at the Murdock Mini Mart, Sheriff Bob Songer said in a press release.

According to the press release, Deputies Tony Warren and Mitch Kegley, and Sergeant Joe Riggers responded to the mini mart around 9 p.m. after dispatch advised that a female subject had allegedly assaulted a male subject. Dispatch also reported both subjects appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

A witness had observed the female suspect, Ana Castro, assault the male suspect, Ronald Brooks of Bellingham, Wash. — both of whom told police they were just arguing despite police observing “minor injuries.”

Castro declined to identify herself, according to the press release.

At around 9 p.m., Warren arrived and contacted the male and female in a passenger vehicle in the market parking lot. Warren initially spoke with the male subject. Investigation revealed mutual protection orders between Brooks and a female named Ana Castro. Dispatch advised the orders were issued out of Bellingham.

Warren observed minor injuries on Brooks and noted Brooks appeared to be intoxicated. Brooks stated he and the female subject had only been arguing.

After Riggers and Kegley arrived, Warren attempted to speak with the female. The female declined to identify herself, or say what had happened. A witness came forward advising they had observed the female assault Brooks.

Warren requested dispatch contact the Bellingham Police Department to find out if they had a photograph of Castro. A short time later, the police department emailed a photograph of Castro. When Warren, Kegley, and Riggers compared the photograph to the female, they confirmed it was Castro; the female was shown the picture and she confirmed she was Castro.

The mutual protection orders prevented Castro from having contact with Brooks and also prohibited Brooks from having contact with Castro.

Brooks was arrested without incident, but Castro had barricaded herself inside of the vehicle and armed herself with a set of nail clippers, saying the deputies would have to kill her.

Warren and Riggers both made attempts to talk with Castro, but she continued to be uncooperative.

Detective Robert Bianchi, a certified negotiator, was dispatched to assist.

Castro was told she was under arrest, but she continued to not cooperate, according to the sheriff’s report.

After a period of time, Warren was able to pull her from the vehicle with the assistance of Riggers and a Washington State Patrol Trooper, who had stopped to assist.

Castro resisted being arrested and was taken to the ground; Warren was bitten on his right calf by Castro.

Castro was given multiple orders to stop biting Warren, and pressure was applied to Castro’s jaw to get her to stop biting.

Castro was secured in handcuffs and Dallesport medics responded to evaluate her for possible injuries.

Brooks was booked into the Klickitat County Jail for alleged violation of a protection order and Castro was booked into the Klickitat County Jail for alleged assault in the third degree, resisting arrest, violation of a protection order and assault in the fourth degree, domestic violence. Brooks is being held on $15,000 bail, and Castro on $20,000 bail.

Warren sustained minor injuries in the incident.