The Dalles — Starting Monday Jan.4, The Dalles Public Works crews will be conducting curb-to-curb street sweeping throughout the city. Crews will begin working from the east side of town sweeping on specific routes. The sweep will continue throughout the month.

Week 1

Curb-to-curb street sweeping scheduled in the first week of January:

• January 4 & 5, 2021 — Veterans Dr. to Thompson St.

• January 6 & 7, 2021 — Thompson St. to Dry Hollow Rd.

• January 8, 2021 — Downtown Area Only, Note: Sweeping in the Downtown Area will occur before business hours.

A map showing all scheduled street sweeping is available on the Transportation Division webpage at

You can help the City make a clean sweep on scheduled days:

• Clear streets to the curb - Citizens are asked to park vehicles off the street during sweeper hours: Weekdays 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. To report abandoned autos (extended parking with flat tire, storing junk, expired tags or broken windows) call (541) 296-5481 x1153.

• Clear the gutters — Remove grass or weeds that grow in the gutter.

• Clear the street — Remove large sticks and branches from the street in front of your house. They can jam and damage the street sweeper.

• Clear debris — Don’t blow or pile yard debris or fallen leaves in the street.

• Clear pet waste — If you own a pet, be a good neighbor and “scoop the poop.”

• Clear trash — Pick up trash left in the street.

The City of The Dalles is Committed to Maintaining Safe and Clean Streets:

• Monthly Street Sweeping - The City of The Dalles sweeps streets at least once a month. But sweepers cannot sweep curb-to-curb when cars and recreational vehicles are parked on the street.

• Curb-to-Curb Sweeping — citizens are asked to make a special effort to move cars and recreational vehicles off the street or out of the street sweeping route on the days scheduled for curb-to-curb sweeping.

• Operation Clean Sweep — Each fall the City sweeps leaves from the streets. Leaves piled in the street are not able to be picked up by the street sweeper. During Operation Clean Sweep citizens are asked to rake and dispose of leaves at The Dalles Disposal.

Safety Tips:

• Please use caution when passing a moving street sweeper. A parked car and other obstacles ahead and may cause the driver to swerve suddenly into vehicles or bicyclists attempting to pass.

• Allow extra following distance when driving a vehicle behind a moving street sweeper. Pedestrians and bicyclists might want to cross to the other side of the street from the sweeper or step a distance away while the sweeper passes.

• Please don’t follow a street sweeper closely. Airborne dust may make visibility difficult. Small rocks may get kicked up by the rotating brooms. The City is not responsible for rock chips or injuries caused by street sweepers.

If you have questions, call the Public Works office at 541-296-5401.

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