Everybody’s Breaks Ground For Brewery, Pub Expansion

Christine and Doug Ellenberger of Everybody’s Brewing hold shovels of dirt after breaking ground June 28 on the site of their planned expansion of the White Salmon brewery and pub’s footprint on the south side of E Jewett Boulevard. (Facebook photo)


The Enterprise

“Brace yourselves, we’ve broken ground!” is what Doug and Chris-tine Ellenberger posted on Every-body’s Brewing’s social media outlets on June 28. Yes, construction and renovation have begun on the expansion of Everybody’s Brewing on E Jewett in White Salmon.

It is now time to clear up a few rumors and find out what’s really going on and what the people of White Salmon can expect from their favorite brewery.

According to Doug Ellenberger, the initial push for the expansion was that Everybody’s physical brewery has outgrown its current space a lot faster than they thought they would after the last renovation and now needs more space.

“We thought we’d have five years, we got two,” laughs Ellenberger.

In February The Enterprise reported on the moving of the Trellis flower shop to Bingen and Candy’s Spa to the west end of E Jewett, and Everybody’s acquiring the spaces it previously occupied.

Not only was this an opportunity to expand the physical brewery, but the restaurant and kitchen as well. Right now, Everybody’s brews about 15 batches of each of its beers. This renovation will allow it to brew 30 batches. This will allow the brewery to easily meet current demand, and potentially grow into more markets. The Trellis building will be re-modeled to be the new kitchen.

“We will have a large walk-in cooler, a large area for prep and dry storage, and the much larger kitchen,” said Ellenberger.

The Trellis building will house the expanded public restrooms and waiting area. The expansion on the corner will be the location of the restaurant. The layout and feel will be very similar to the original space. A major change will be more seating, indoors and outside.

Ellenberger clarified that Every-body’s will be vacating its current location, the IOOF building, which has been its home for nearly eight years.

“The kitchen expansion will be a real relief for the kitchen staff. This expansion really had us look at what we can do to improve life for our employees as far as benefits, insurance, higher pay, etc., to give them a better life, which they deserve. We would not be where we are now without them.”

As of now the renovation is set to be completed in late spring in 2018.