Thank you!

I would like the people of The Dalles to know how lucky we are to have police and firemen that will go beyond the call of duty to help us.

At about 3 a.m. I had my kitchen flooded. I called 911. Policeman Doug Cramer came and got the water shut off and proceeded to clean up the water and Captain Steve Brown arrived and proceeded to help also.

The work they did was way beyond the call of duty, and so much appreciated!

They deserve lots of thanks.

Zelta Wasson

The Dalles

Safety first

Please, 25 MPH means just that, 25 MPH. Let’s be aware of our speed whilst traveling May Street and know it’s OK to slow down.

Natasha Markovich

Hood River

Kudos for Bentz

I am very appreciative of Congressman Cliff Bentz who, against strong political headwinds from Republican Congressional leadership and the ex-president, voted in support of creating an independent commission to learn what led up to the violent Jan. 6 insurrection and storming of the U.S. Capitol. I agree with Congressman Bentz that we need to learn what happened and take steps to ensure it won’t happen again.

While I cannot fathom why every congressperson wasn’t on board in voting for the commission, I’m thankful our representative voted for uncovering the facts, and supporting the Constitution and the rule of law over party politics.

Bruce Ruttenburg

Hood River

It’s about the land

How strange when people condemn the Hebrew Scriptures without ever reading them. How in the world does one do that? Is that fair and honest or even reasonable?

Well, I acted exactly the same many years ago. Why do people condemn the Hebrew writings without ever touching them, let alone read them? It is easy. It is easier to bash them than to take the time to read any of it. I did it. Why? What was my reasoning based on? Same as yours. Pastor and the church system destroy all respect these books deserve. If I read them would I act and speak like that?

It is impossible (nearly) to convince a reasonable intelligent person to touch the books let alone read a chapter of these very mysterious maligned Hebrew Scriptures.

So how does someone like me with the duty and responsibility to inform one individual in the community that the Hebrew Scriptures hold the one truth when there is such contempt? Trust me it ain’t easy. Since living in the Gorge no one has taken my suggestion. That is how much hate and contempt people have for a book they know nothing about. I did not know either until I studied and examined it.

Suggestion: Don’t focus on the “miracles.” Don’t be concerned with the difficult to comprehend Noah’s Ark and the flood. It contains vital foundation principles, but wait. Don’t even try to imagine the birth of a boy from a virgin girl. The ancient miracles within “the books” will not convince you of its divine source. Miracles must be visibly witnessed.

The entire world has been given a visible miracle. Yahshua and almost all the Hebrew prophets foretold of the return of the Jews to “their” land. The political resurrection of Israel is a miracle. They have struggled with the world for over 70 years to fulfill this very specific prophecy. The Scriptures prove themselves genuine for only a creator could reestablish the nation of Israel amongst such international hostility. It is all about the land. Don’t allow hate to blind the miracle you’ve been given.

Gary Fischer

The Dalles