The Wasco County Board of Commissioners approved the fee increase as requested by the Wasco County Landfill and Waste Connections, operator of The Dalles Disposal and recommended by the Solid Waste Advisory Committee during their regular meeting Nov. 3.

The rate increases are notably higher than previous years, with a 3.3% increase in 2018; 2.15% in 2019 and 1.45% in 2020.

The annual increase is calculated based on the consumer price index.

Jim Winterbottom of The Dalles Disposal said fuel costs are up, as are many needed materials. “We realize any increase does have an impact,” he told the board. “We are trying to ask for only 85% of the consumer price index increase.”

As an example of the cost increases, Witnerbottom noted steel sheet liners, used to reduce truck and container wear, saw a 198% increase in 2020, from $103 to $310 per sheet.

Customers will see the increase in January 2022. An average 32-gallon can, picked up weekly, will see a $.23 increase per pick up in the city, a $.26 increase in rural areas and a $.30 increase in south county.

All other services and fees will also be increased by 5.5%.