Approximate location of the proposed project

Approximate location of the proposed project site, just north of Husum, Wash. and located on Oak Ridge Road.

A conditional use hearing on a proposed luxury camping project near Husum, Wash. has been scheduled for 9 a.m., June 18, Klickitat County Prosecuting Attorney David Quesnel told Columbia Gorge News.

Under Canvas, a luxury camping developer with nine campsites located near national parks in seven states, is seeking a conditional use permit on a parcel of land currently designated for forestry resources to house a tenth campsite on Oak Ridge Road.

The developer’s application outlines features of the proposed campsite, including 95 guest tents, commercial kitchen trailers, restrooms, and monitored fire pits constructed along former logging grounds.

Quesnel said the parties and Andrew L. Kottkamp, the hearings examiner who will preside over the hearing, have met before the hearing to coordinate its delivery. The public will be invited to speak during a public commenting portion, and written comments will be allowed, said Quesnel. The parties are planning to hold the hearing virtual on Zoom, Quesnel said.

A hearing on an appeal of Klickitat County’s State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) determination on the proposed Under Canvas luxury camping project will be held the day before, on June 17. Public comment is not invited for this hearing, given that the comment deadline has passed, said Quesnel.

The SEPA appeal, filed by citizen group Klickitat Land Preservation Fund, alleges that the county erred by issuing a Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance (MDNS), which would let the company bypass performing an environmental impact statement in their efforts to develop the proposed project.

The fate of the project hinges on the two upcoming hearings; should the SEPA determination be reversed, that could hold weight on the outcome of the conditional use hearing, potentially setting up a scenario that could lead to an appeal at the superior court level, said Quesnel.