Cascade Locks — The Oregon Department of Transportation recently issued new load ratings for the Bridge of The Gods that spans the Columbia River between Cascade Locks and Washington State Highway 14.

Load ratings provide information about how much distributed weight can safely pass over a bridge. Load posting signs show maximum weight limits.

A posted bridge is safe to use, but the weight of vehicles must be limited accordingly.

The new posting on the Bridge of The Gods will apply to all vehicles; it will limit the maximum gross vehicle weight to 11 Tons.

Installation of the posting signs and notification to the general public and the motor carrier industry is being coordinated and conducted through the inter-state efforts of The Port of Cascade Locks, The Oregon Department Transportation, and The Washington State Department of Transportation.

The Bridge of the Gods will return to legal load limits following a scheduled Strengthening Project expected to conclude by the end of October.

The specific date of posting will be announced.

Questions and concerns can be addressed by emailing