Here we are, nearly into 2021. I’ve heard so many comments that 2020 close out soon enough. It has been a long, hard year, for sure. We hope all who are traveling over the holidays have safe journeys and those who are staying home to stay cozy in your homes.

Pam Keithley and Kim Thomas, the school cooks, prepared and delivered a delicious Christmas dinner for staff and students on the last day of school before the Christmas break. When two arrived at our house, the first grader and fifth grader had a hard time focusing on the Christmas movie showing on their school computers because the wonderful aroma was wafting through the house. The littlest cowgirl here, not quite 2 years old, decided their dinner looked much better than her own lunch, so she shared some of theirs. All the work the staff put in to making that week before break so much fun. There were dress-up days for Spirit Week and Christmas stories on Wednesday night, complete with cocoa and popcorn delivered earlier for all the students to enjoy while they listened to the stories from the comfort of their homes.

Now the kids and teachers are on their Christmas/winter break and we hope they all cram as much fun as they can into that vacation. I know the kids are hoping for snow for playing and snowmobile riding.

We would like to wish Eva Feller a very happy birthday. Eva turned 102 years old on Christmas Eve and is a beloved treasure here in Glenwood. She has lived here in Glenwood all her life except for a brief period in Portland while attending beauty school. Happy birthday, Eva.

We received news that former Glenwood resident Roy Bolt recently passed away at the age of 97. Roy lived in Portland for much of his adult life and is survived by his three children and wife Betty, sister Shirley Burril of Glenwood, brother Jim, and twin sisters Lily and Lillian. He was preceded in death by his parents, son Norman, and sisters Mary Ladiges and Helen Eaton. He was a child of the Bolt and O’Neal pioneer families (Tye Bolt and Lilivon O’Neal) who came to the Glenwood valley from Virginia. During the Korean war, Roy served as a troop truck driver in the Army. He often visited in Glenwood on Memorial Day weekends to bring flowers to the cemetery and catch up with family and friends in Glenwood. We at the Grange greeters table there always enjoyed his visits. Our condolences go to his sister Shirley and her family and his Ladiges and Eaton nieces and nephews.

In a recent phone visit with Shirley Burril, she asked me to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who calls and stops by to visit her and Skip and help when needed. You all know who you are and your kindness and care are greatly appreciated.

Glenwood rodeo kids Joslyn and Blaine Arnold and Peyton Sanchey have big reasons to celebrate. They all competed in the Central Washington Ropers and Riders Association (CWRRA) over the summer and fall, with great success. At the CWRRA awards banquet last Saturday, Joslyn, a ninth grader at Glenwood High, was honored for achieving first places in the Open Goat Tying category and Youth Breakaway roping. She also placed second in Youth Goat Tying and Novice Breakaway. Blaine, in fifth grade at Glenwood Elementary, placed first in Calf Riding and third in Peewee Goat Tying. Joslyn and Blaine are the children of Bo and Casey Arnold.

Peyton Sanchey, daughter of Ryan and Jodi, placed first in the Youth 2D Poles and third in the 3D Barrels. Peyton is in eighth grade at Glenwood Middle School. There were several competitors in each class. Congratulations to all three ropers and riders. Way to represent Glenwood.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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