We’ve moved not once, not twice, but three times! 

Columbia Gorge News is on the move. It has been and continues to be a busy month as staff moves to new offices in all three communities while continuing to publish our local news.  

It is a big change, but each location has already moved, or will do so, from buildings owned by former owner Eagle Newspapers, Inc., to much smaller, more affordable rent locations. We will continue to have offices in each of the communities, but in smaller offices. We are pairing it down, trying to live within our means, so we can continue to provide our communities the news for years to come. 

The Dalles location is now moved and located at 1800 W. 10th St.  We have the first floor of the Butos and Hernandez commercial building.

The Hood River location will be moved by Aug. 5 to Marina Park No. 2, 600 E. Marina Way, Suite B. We are inside the DMV building on the waterfront, and share a front door; social distancing needs apply.

The White Salmon location will move by Aug. 10 to Elba Office Suites, 288 Jewett St., Suite 900. We are down the street from the original office White Salmon Enterprise.

The moves are in process; even though The Dalles is mostly complete, we are still working on settling in. It will be more difficult to contact us by phone over the next couple of weeks, so e-mail will be the better way of reaching us.

We are downsizing as we move from the iconic Hood River News building and the White Salmon Enterprise. The new locations are small, much smaller. We will not be able to keep all the furniture, and it must go.  If you are needing office desks, file cabinets, shelving, it is up for grabs! Contact me for an appointment to view at chelseam@gorgenews.com.

All three moves have allowed us the relationship with our museums for the donation of our communities’ history. Decades of our local news is preserved in bound volumes, dating back about 110 years. These archives are priceless, as they hold the years of history that made our communities what they are today. The museums will continue to preserve this important history. The History Museum of Hood River County will be moving volumes over this week, The Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, in The Dalles, has many of our archives and will continue to take decades more as space allows. And finally, The Gorge Heritage Museum in Bingen is planning to house The Enterprise volumes.

(The archives also continue to function are a working resource, and the museums will make the bound volumes and clip files available for staff to use for research.)

These moves are not easy on any of us. It is a big change for the staff and the community. I realize The Hood River News building and The White Salmon Enterprise are the most difficult to vacate. We’ve been there for years, and it will be a bit sentimental as we move business elsewhere. But what is most important, is Columbia Gorge News will continue to strive to be your community newspaper, covering regional news each week and on our website.  

We are a small business now, no longer the corporation that some of us launched our careers in, but a locally owned and operated business that is working hard to continue to live, work and grow in our towns.

The Dalles office will be available Monday, Thursday and Friday 9 a.m. to noon.  We will work on adding more regular hours as soon as we can to all three locations.

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