The Gratitude University community project is about to publish an on-line book honoring essential and frontline workers and “unsung heroes,”  and submissions are needed this week, “expressing your gratitude for them and their work,” said GU founder Sara Rose Donahue of Parkdale.

The deadline is Nov. 21; anyone in the community may submit letters, photos or drawings to:

The book will be published online on Nov. 25. Emails or photo/scans of handwritten letters or drawings are welcome, and Donahue said students are particularly asked to participate.

For details see Gratitude University on Instragram and Facebook.

Gratitude University is a program that teaches the importance of gratitude and how to incorporate a gratitude practice into one’s daily life, launched for the Hood River valley community after a pilot program at Parkdale Elementary.

“The hope is that this brings joy and alliance in the Gorge and that our essential and frontline workers will realize how thankful we are for their bravery and their work during this time,” Donahue said.

“During this difficult time, practicing gratitude has an even greater impact. Simply expressing gratitude is scientifically proven to make you a happier person,” Donahue said. 

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