Support the willing

Most of the positions to be filled in the Klickitat County November general election are represented by a candidate who is running unopposed. This suggests that the duties required of each position are not highly appealing, and that candidates are fulfilling their sense of civic duty. Even though their election is pretty much secured, we should nevertheless commend their willingness to spend the many hours required to study the issues involved and to sit in long hours of meetings. Please do so by filling out your ballots and voting for them.

Fire Commissioners of the Klickitat County Fire District Number 3 are a case in point. The current term has been increasingly complex, especially overseeing the planning involved in implementing the terms of the bond that passed in 2018.

Commissioners have worked hard to ensure that all of the objectives of the bond are being fulfilled in a fiscally responsible manner. The Commission is ably chaired by Tom Montag. His position is open this year and Tom is willing to serve an additional four years. Show your support by voting for him.

And thanks to all personnel of this and the other volunteer fire districts throughout the county.

Lloyd Olson

White Salmon

Thank you

Thank you for not printing my letter. By doing that you proved my point that the close-minded mainstream media is afraid of anyone else’s opinion that doesn’t match theirs. While there are many causes that my country is circling the drain, it’s my view the media is leading the way. Shameful.

What’s worse is I even dangled a carrot that may actually help save at least some portion of our world but your little minds wouldn’t risk the fact somebody off the mainstream might know something.

One more thing, if you liberals are so right, look at that giant tub of you known as Portland, how is that working out for you? So when you think things are getting worse, take a long, deep look in the mirror.


Dennis James

The Dalles

Editor’s note: The author specifically requested their prior letter not be edited, but run “exactly as written.” The Columbia Gorge News reserves the right to edit all letters; for details see our letter policy, at left.

Winter help

Very many homeless people need lots of help by the very kind and giving people to donate such items as backpacks, sleeping bags, blankets, hoodies, caps, coats, boots, shoes, socks, snow pants, tents and tarps. These needed donations could be dropped off at St. Vincent DePaul Bread and Blessings Meal Site, the Pallet Shacks, “CAP” Community Action Program, Salvation Army and churches. Please.

Larry Lauzon, houseless

The Dalles


It is a travesty when the Gorge newspaper focuses on procedural impropriety and lack of civil courtesy at the Hood River School Board hearing, as per Mark Gibson’s editorial, which admits a board member heard another member break their own rule.

While our children are being flushed down the federally mandated toilet. Come to the hearing voice your opinion and “woke” up to the same 24-hour-a-day nightmare.

The midterm elections should speak volumes (rampant inflation and mentally unbalanced policies) from Washington, D.C.

“Critical race theory” proposes to re-educate our children on inequities of American Capitalism.

As I have experienced in my 78 years all people are inherently ambitious (self centered). Success through IQ and hard work. The climb to the financial top “capitalism.” Look at all the women doctors. Mark, could we see something in Chelsea’s paper once in awhile that gives women a little recognition?

President L.B. Johnson in 1964 mandated minority hiring. Now Black women operate “all” the container cranes on Portland’s waterfront. Hurray for socialism. Rotate everything, minions staring at hypnotic Google phones.

Larry Bakken


Please explain

President Biden, or any other Democratic supporter of his: I need a bit of help understanding an issue. I just came back from a trip to Port Angeles, Wash. While I was there, I had to show proof of vaccination to eat in a restaurant. I saw a large ferry port with no activity because there are no trips to or from Canada. Talking to a local, she thought there would be no start up of the trips until sometime next year. This obviously impacts the local economy quite a bit.

So clarify for me, without the Democrat word salad and a bunch of doublespeak, why we can’t have normal, legal activity on our Northern border, yet it is OK for thousands to come across our southern border without vaccines, without testing, vetting and being sent to all parts of the country? Why you forget about the American citizens and green card holders still in Afghanistan? Keep in mind, I am a simple conservative who thinks there should be equal application of the law. The hypocrisy is deafening from the left. You took an oath to uphold and enforce the laws of our country. If you don’t like them, change them. You hold the House, the Senate and the oval office. It appears to me that either you don’t know how to fix it, or you want the continued chaos. Just take some responsibility. You might even gain a little respect from the other side of the aisle.

Steve Nybroten

White Salmon

Questions and answers

There’s an interesting statement Yahshua (Jesus) used when he was challenging the Jewish pastor of his day. Like the pastor of today they simply replaced “Scripture” truth with their superstitions and lies. He would question them before the people and say… “Answer Me!”

There is a clear reason why we have two political parties slashing at each others throats. The one truth available from “The Scriptures” is rejected by the people for it has a most disagreeable odor for truth has been replaced by church-pastor spin. The masses are floundering about trying to figure out what is the proper and truthful way to a good life for all. It is not working.

The truths concerning life will only be discovered by asking questions and answers being given to those questions. Pastor and politician have created an atmosphere were they will not answer questions. Their lies are protected, thus our chaotic situation.

I am not interested in bashing women. The female church pastor is an example of “leaders” deceiving us with their personal lies because they will not answer our questions.

The “Scriptures” read different than what the female pastor does. What is true? “Let the women keep silent in the congregations, for they are not permitted to speak … if they desire to learn let them ask their own husbands at home, for it is improper for a woman to speak in the congregation.” Also, “I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over the man, but to remain quiet.” Also, “The instructions I write you are the Lord’s commandments.” Also, “For this is the love of the Father, that we keep His commandments.”

Begin your personal search for truth with questions and demand answers.

Deception in politics is actually expected but in a field where the word g-o-d and Yeshua (Jesus) is used should we not see honesty and obedience to “Scripture Mandates” not just mask mandates?

Will there be a truthful society when politician and pastor will not answer a question? Will a fearless empowered female pastor give us her interpretation of these verses?

“Answer Us?”

Gary Fischer

The Dalles

Smoked Tuna

The smoke rolled out and onto my face as I opened the door, a wave of smoked fish in my nose, my mouth wet, smoked tuna belly on the menu tonight. Why wait! I will eat it warm from the smoker along with the crab we had shaken into our buckets earlier in the day, stowed on ice with bowls of grated horseradish and ketchup to dress. A simple meal on the Washington coastline.

Our times together so special, family and friends enjoying the afternoon and into the blue, pink and red sunset.

I try to focus on these simple times in my life that have brought me peace. I hope we can look back into the photo albums of our lives and the history of the freedom we the people have enjoyed, the results of what our forefathers wanted for us, freedom and equality for all, with a government by and for all the people, free citizens to strive for all our many opportunities.

I watched today as leaders of our republic called us systemic racists, my heart sank, this treacherous lie will never unite, a failed moment to heal turned into the great tragedy of our time. We deserve a better conversation from the black hearts of our current administration, your words are the whips on our souls. Time to step up or move on for the sake of our nation and my peaceful day by the ocean.

Sheilah Nelson

Hood river

God bless Maggie

Earlier this month I was the recipient of honest endeavor and in this time of depressing news and more and more violence, it was a real blessing.

I’d lost my wallet in Bi-Mart and didn’t realize it. A young woman named Maggie, from Husum, stepped on it. Upon discovering what she had, she went out of her way to return it intact to me personally. She wouldn’t take any reward except a verbal “thank you.” I truly appreciate her honesty so a big Thank you, Maggie from Husum.

May God bless you richly.

Joyce Thody

The Dalles

Link goals, mandates

It’s never okay to criticize politicians without giving an alternative to the gripe you have with them. So here’s an addition to my letter to the editor last week:

I suggest The Klickitat County Board of Commissioners send another letter to Gov. Inslee saying: “In consultation with our Board of Health, Health Department Director and Health Officer, we would like to manage your suggested mandates with some additions. As you know governor, the U.S. Public Health system is designed to give as much control as possible to counties, since they have the best connection with the people and best idea of how to handle an issue. Therefore, Klickitat County will seek input from all interested local persons and experts and come up with a policy on mandates that are goal oriented to end them.

“Until then, we will implement the mask and vaccine mandate for our employees until we achieve 80% vaccination rate of all persons over 12 and a case rate of less than five per week.

“Please run this by your State Health Officer and get back to us asap on your thoughts on our goal ended approach and not the open ended approach that has caused such a crisis in behavior for all our citizens ... vaccinated and not.”

I am suggesting this way of doing things as a very frustrated career public health doctor. Our well-meaning national and state guidance has really missed the boat on not making the mandates goal oriented. The science types are good a math and biology, but have been pretty woeful on using the tools available to improve understanding and behavior.

Vern Harpole


Seven Fires

I read widely, okay, probably better described as ignorantly and randomly. But anyway, I’ve come across this “Seven Fires Prophecy” that has been influential in Native American groups in The Great Lakes area, eastern Canada and the Upper Midwest:

“If the light skinned race makes the wrong choice of the roads, then the destruction which they brought with them in coming to this country will come back at them and cause much suffering and death to all the Earth’s people.”

I think it is intriguing to consider the absolutely wacko destructive tendencies in the Republican party from this perspective. Significant portions of our civilization are increasingly addicted to lies and fantasy thinking, to anger, hate and cruelty, to separation from others and from the ecosystem, to lonely self interest. And thus committing to catastrophe and mass death. Lusting for catastrophe and mass death, a good many of them.

On my FM radio are a decent public radio station and a decent classical music station. Right between them on the radio dial is an apparently well-funded so-called religious station, that feels to me like it is pouring out virulent hate and anger 24/7 — The very opposite of religion in its better sense.

Jerrold Richards