Day's End

Day's End: Paddleboarder Glen Sloop is silhouetted at dusk as the moon rises and the sun sets over the Columbia River Gorge. 

Oct. 12, 2022 reader cartoon

Kelsi Stahl, Klickitat County

Jan. 6: Not a riot

In response to the Sept. 28 letter "Biden's Speech," while I disagree with much of what you said, I am only commenting on one statement you made. The planned attack and armed forced entry of our Capitol building on Jan. 6 was not a riot. It was not the same as the demonstrations and "riots" in Portland and Seattle. It was an insurrection. It was designed to prevent a peaceful transition of power. People were calling for the hanging of the vice president of the U.S.A. It is a disingenuous, false equivalency to compare political demonstrations, no matter what level of vandalism occurred, to the Jan. 6 attack on our democracy. There is a big difference.