No local reporters

I know exactly what would happen if there were no local reporters. All across this nation, the following would happen: Social media would see an exponential increase radical right wing lies, miss information and new conspires theories.

Gary Fields

Hood River

Facing bias

I, in 1969 at 19 years old, was coming home to The Dalles from Giant Slingshot from Patrol Boat River (PBR) base located in Ben Luc, South Vietnam, in the Mekong Delta.

On my return from my detachment, I was disrespected, called names and told to stay out of certain stores and areas in The Dalles, by individuals. When we returned from Vietnam to The Dalles, we were told to put on our civilian clothes to avoid conflict with the people of The Dalles.

I’m receiving the same hate and judgment again today along with disrespect. I’m told to stay out of certain stores and told I’m not allowed to live in certain places.

What’s next? Stay of The Dalles, the state of Oregon and finally America, that I represented and protected? I represented and fought for men, women and children, for their safety and freedom!

In return I’m receiving hate and disrespect from stores and apartment managers.

My welcomed support comes from my three daughters, one son and my entire family, plus 99.9% of The Dalles! (Plus my therapy dog.)

Steve Cochenour, disabled veteran

The Dalles

Unreasonable fear

In today’s America, if a cop or armed citizen encounters somebody who they claim to fear for some reason, they can get away with killing them because they thought they made a threatening move. This so-called “self defense” works time after time regardless if the victims were unarmed or innocent. It’s the reason the cop got off for shooting Jacob Blake seven times in the back and why Rittenhouse went free after killing two people who were protesting that incident.

Our military invaded a country due to fear of a future threat from Weapons of Mass Destruction that didn’t exist. Trillions of dollars wasted over there with nothing to show for it but a lot of dead and maimed people and the country in ruins. Now we’re being told to fear Iran and China, which will be way more disastrous if our fear results in violent conflict.

Fear would be okay if it merely kept us alert and on guard, but when we kill or invade because we fear something bad may happen, that is fear at its destructive and moral worst. Sadly, that’s the way we’re reacting to fear these days in America. Fear is used to justify all levels of horrible behavior, but most of us don’t seem at all troubled about it.

Michael Hustman

White salmon

Silver linings

Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges, but you can be sure he will not escape punishment. Unless he has a cold stone heart, he will remember each and every day that he killed two human beings and will likely experience nightmares for a very long time. It may not be much consolation to the victim’s families, but they can be sure that his days will never be the same.

However, he has the unique opportunity to turn this tragedy into a once-in-a-lifetime teachable moment and create something good out of his horrific experience. He can be a force for good by reminding other young people to use their brains when deciding the causes they invest in and the people they follow. He can from his own experience tell them to remember that guns are lethal weapons and that if used wrongly will change your life forever. He can advise them that guns are most dangerous when used in anger and should not be taken into a crowd of people. He can even tell them to get rid of their guns.

Kyle can use this tragedy to save lives. Hopefully, he will not be put upon a pedestal to emulate, but will be used as an example of what not to do. We all can use this time in Kenosha to make changes. Do we support the causes we believe in by inciting violence with our words or our weapons? Do we try to find common ground to come to a peaceful resolution? Do we seek the truth for ourselves or only listen to what others say? Are we seeking change or control? How we act or react may save a life. Keep watch, remain hopeful.

Karen Jaeger

Hood River

Not surprised

If you are shocked, surprised or angered by the Rittenhouse verdict, it’s likely because you bought into the numerous lies told by the media and some politicians (including the president) from the beginning. His “victims” were not Black “racial justice demonstrators,” they were white criminal rioters. He did not go to Kenosha to “confront” the rioters, he was trying to help.

Of the 25 deaths associated with the 2020 rioting, these two seem to be the only ones that “mattered” to many people. The unique difference from the other deaths is that the shooter immediately turned himself into authorities. He was attacked, he felt he had no choice but to defend himself, and ultimately the jury agreed with him.

Rittenhouse was no doubt an impressionable and naïve teenager, and probably foolish to inject himself into that chaos. You and I wouldn’t do that. We would watch the news and express anger that the people in charge had surrendered the city to the mob, but we would do nothing. Rittenhouse and others felt compelled to actually do something about it. He spent time during the day cleaning off graffiti, and put out a fire with a fire extinguisher he brought with him. Other than the rioters themselves, the people most responsible for this tragedy were those in charge of protecting the citizens and their property. Similar to Portland and other “progressive” cities, they decided the best way to handle rioters was to back off and let them “blow off steam,” a technique that has never worked, anywhere.

The justification for all the hate heaped upon this young man seems to revolve around the complaint that he should never have gone to Kenosha in the first place. “Two people would still be alive if he hadn’t made that choice.” Of course, the fact those two people would be alive if they hadn’t gone to Kenosha to join in the riot, and then attacked Rittenhouse, doesn’t seem to merit the same scrutiny. Odd.

Steve Hudson

The Dalles

Farmer award

My personal Outstanding Neighbor and Dalles Farmer award goes to Mr. Tim Dahle. He not only loaned a trailer for Circle of Care to do fall cleanup, but came with his truck and helped the youth clean up and clean out the 6-inch rain gutters. I would say he went not an extra mile but 6 miles in my personal opinion.

Renee, my wife of 58 years, has been battling Leukemia for almost four years. I have had lung cancer four times and need back surgery so I was useless.

Mr. Dahle put the leaves on his compost pile, no pesticides or herbicides in my yard. I thank Mr. Dahle, he is one of the farmers I grew up around. When a neighbor needed help, was down from an illness, they were there.

Alvin Tetzloff

The Dalles

Christ in Christmas

It is of no consolation when our growing pagan society effectively erases Jesus Christ from Christmas.

First Corinthians 15:55 reads, “O death where is thy sting? O grave where is thy victory.”

Practicing Christians “have eternal life” in “god the father’s presence.” Hebrews 12:14 reads, “Follow peace with all men and holiness without which no person will see the lord.”

Christians take “no consolation” in the death of the wicked and their “eternal torment.”

I mentioned “practicing Christians” as opposed to “nominal” Christians. We are required to “walk” daily in our faith to our resurrected Christ. Loving him first and foremost. Having a mental knowledge of Christ? Satan has that.

Why did Jesus suffer on the cross die and was resurrected if there was no reason for it? Yes, death and hell are a bitter pill for pagans. God’s word is “alive” with hope. “Taste and see that the lord is good,” reads Psalms 34:8

Larry Bakken

Wishram, Wash.

Helping others

Recently our school held a canned food drive. This is one way we are teaching our students about kindness this year. We have had food drives in the past that have gathered almost 2,000 cans of food, but this year we were overwhelmed when we set a goal of 2,400 cans and ended up receiving 3,080.

The generosity of the Dry Hollow community to help in such a cause is simply amazing. Because of the efforts of the administration, teachers, ESP, parents and students, several people will be able to sit down to a good meal this holiday season.

We encourage other schools to do a canned food drive and see if they can beat our total. We hope you do, but if you don’t, that’s okay, because you’ll still be helping others.

May the blessings of the season be with you and may kindness reign in your hearts.

Thank you very much.

Courtney Kiser, Fifth Grade Teacher

Dry Hollow Elementary School