We are a group of diverse faith leaders who feel called to speak at this historic moment. Some of us have lived in Klickitat County and the Gorge for decades — others of us are relative newcomers. We all love this community and are committed to seeing it thrive.

We recognize that these are times of great uncertainty: Distrust of facts, the government, and each other as viral vectors, just to name a few. We have grown intensely polarized and hold assumptions about each other that keep us isolated.

As faith leaders, we want to remind everyone that we share many common values. The sacredness of all creation — human and otherwise. Cooperation, compassion and justice. We all want to leave a sustainable legacy for our children and future generations.

Our history here is rich with examples of people caring for one another and coming together to make life on the shores of the Columbia River work. Now, more than ever, we recognize how interdependent we are and how important essential workers are for our common life. We have respect for the rich diversity of skills needed for our communities to flourish. We have perseverance and resilience in the face of challenges — this last year shows us that.

As we near the Nov. 3 Election, we are calling on all our elected officials to serve and protect all people of this region equally, to commit to the rule of law, and abide by official election results.

We are also calling on the people of this region to commit to love, patience, and faithful engagement with one another. We call on our community to stand together against any mistreatment of those most vulnerable among us.

We believe this community is full of compassionate, dedicated people. Let’s come together in these uncertain times for the good for all.

With love and hope.

Kalama Reuter of the Mt. Adams Ministerial Association submitted this on behalf of the White Salmon-based faith group (mountadamsministers.org).

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