A new update of the MyODFW app (version 2.3) is now available in Apple and Google Play stores.

The latest update will prompt users to update their app whenever a new version is available and provides an easier way to access the forgot username or password feature directly from the app.

This version also fixes a bug some newer iPhone users were experiencing which left them unable to view the list of fish they had tagged within the app, or made it more difficult to use the app when in dark mode. The new version makes all features visible when a phone is in dark mode in both Android and iPhone versions.

To update, go to the Apple or Google Play store and choose Update or Open to get the latest version.

Since the ELS system was launched for the 2019 license year, nearly 60 percent of customers have opened an online account and 33 percent are using e-tagging rather than paper tagging.

“ODFW thanks all hunters and anglers who have chosen e-tagging, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to fix any bugs in the app,” said Bruce Davis, ODFW Licensing Department. “This new version will make it easier to always keep your app updated.”

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