Horizon Christian School has received a generous gift, along with a community Walmart grant, to fully fund its Technology Initiative, an anticipated three-year project that provides 1:1 iPads for 9-12th grade students and two mobile 20 iPad carts for PreK-8th grade classrooms.

As Horizon realized the need for technology upgrades, to make an extensive collection of interactive educational resources available to students, it formed a task force to create a timeline for the project, said a press release.

The Technology Initiative was developed this past year with a goal to fund over three years. Year 1 planned to provide iPad devices for high school students, including cases and pencils for full functionality, as well as two administrator Macintosh computers. Year 2 would provide one cart of 20 iPads for PreK through 8th grade classroom use, with a second cart of 20 iPads to be purchased in Year 3.

Horizon Superintendent Ken Block said, “We are so thankful that God prepared us by having our teachers already participating in trainings on the educational use of iPads starting back in September 2019. When the pandemic hit, causing us to do distance learning, our teachers were well into learning the processes of using iPads for academic delivery.

"The technology initiative was not initially funded so the goal was to fund it over the next three years. But God had a different plan. His ways are higher than ours! We have received a very generous gift enabling us to be fully funded with the plan to be iPad ready for all Horizon students by our September start date. God is so good.”

Horizon anticipates the iPads enhancing the ability for students to work collaboratively from a variety of locations as well as providing creative ways to save money by utilizing digital textbooks as well as allowing teachers new and unified platforms for lesson preparation as well as homework and test distribution, all saving dollars and the environment.

The new technology provides the opportunity to model and teach 21st century digital citizenship skills, integrated with Horizon’s ABCs (Academic excellence, Biblical truth and Christian character development).

“Graduates of Horizon will be prepared to thrive in digital environments at their colleges, universities, and places of employment because their experience will include training in submitting homework online, posting meaningful contributions on discussion boards, appropriately using devices in class, and possessing the self-discipline and digital skills needed to succeed in hybrid and online classes,” said a press release.

To learn more about the technology initiative or additional programs at Horizon Christian School, contact admin@horizonchristianschool.org.

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