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Mary Pierce

On Friday, Nov. 18, Glenwood School hosted a celebration in the gym to commemorate Native American Heritage Month. Miss Yakama Nation, Ellia-Lee Jim, spoke of her role representing the Yakama Nation and her life and family in the Sahaptin language, then English. Afterward, she joined the Tiny Swan Dancers, who presented several dances with deep cultural meaning to the Yakama People. Before each dance, the leader of the dance group told the story the dance represented.

I was sitting by a little kindergartner. She was a bit fidgety at first, but when I explained to her that each dance was telling a story, she became very focused and enthralled. It was so great to watch when she could actually “see” the swans in the Swan Dance and the caterpillars and butterflies in the Butterfly Dance. The dances were beautiful to watch. Following the assembly, students, staff, and visitors were invited to participate in beading crafts and enjoy delicious fry bread made and served by Annette Tomeo.