Armed security guards are patrolling Google facilities in The Dalles and a Bonneville Power Administration-owned substation in Rufus. The security response comes after the FBI logged a threat “to infrastructure in The Dalles area.”

The news comes from a City of The Dalles Sept. 1 police log. A contact from BPA, labeled only “Richard” in the log informed local law enforcement of the situation.

The log states that threats against power grid substations in The Dalles area, of which FBI Supervisory Special Agent Kevin Koelbel informed, prompted armed security patrols in the area “for next 12 days.”

Columbia Gorge News reached out to The Dalles Captain Jaime Carrico, who, according to the log, “will reach out for more info.” That and a request to Wasco County Sheriff Lane Magill received no response as of press time.

Columbia Gorge News also reached out to BPA Public Affairs Specialist Doug Johnson for information on how the utility provider is handling the situation. CGN will update the online version of this article if and when more information becomes available.