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I was thinking about this a couple weeks ago as I was checking the progress of my perennial flowers starting to burst forth, and then again when everything got covered in snow! The migrating hummingbirds started returning about a month ago; I know this because I had to refill my feeder twice as often, which got me to thinking ...

Humans have wreaked havoc on the earth, thus far, so it only seems fair that we try to reverse some of that damage by giving Mother Nature a helping hand. I’m talking about planting to help our various pollinators survive and thrive! Most people are well aware of the importance of bees, as pollinators, and beneficial insects in and around our gardens, but pollinators come in all shapes and sizes! We generally don’t think of butterflies, hummingbirds or even flies as pollinators, but they are equally important in the health of our plants and our happiness factor! (There is a very informative article at “How to Create a Hummingbird-Friendly Yard,” Audubon, at

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