Hood River — Residents near the Ken Jernstedt Airfield may get a little noise relief this summer, thanks to a quieter propeller on the tow plane used by the Hood River Soaring group. The non-profit organization uses gliders to provide pilot training and sport gliding staged from a Glider Port at the Airfield. At the recommendation of the Airport Noise Workgroup, the Port of Hood River, owner of the airfield, is pitching in $6,000 — about 75 percent of the four-blade propeller’s cost and delivery.

The blades will take up a small part of the airport’s $3.68 million budget in 2021-22, down from this year’s $4 million.

Among port expenses related to the airport proposed for the 2021-22 fiscal year are:

• $60,000 to purchase technology that could monitor aviation activity including take-offs, landings, and aircraft types. The 115-acre airfield averages approximately 18,555 operations per year on its one asphalt and one grass landing runway, according to its latest reports. Potential “best practices” rules could be monitored to reduce noise.

• A $225,000 purchase of a 12,000-gallon fuel storage tank that allows self-service and credit card payments.

• A portion of a $1.4 million project to improve the runways, taxiways, aprons and movement area over the next five years.

• $95,000 for architectural designs, and a portion of a new $3 million four-bay hangar and business building. The port also owns and leases 36 T- hangars and 34 tie-downs to the public for general aviation use.

The Port of Hood River’s 2021-22 proposed budget public hearing is at 5 p.m. June 6, livestreamed on the Port’s YouTube channel. For assistance with comments, call 541-386-1645.

$20.8 million budget considered

In addition to the airport, among other highlights of the port’s proposed 2021-22 budget is $20.8 million in anticipated revenues, including:

• $6.35 million in bridge revenues from tolls, a slight reduction from this year’s adopted budget, thanks to federal funding to offset pandemic losses. Looking forward, the port has allocated in the proposed budget $3.2 million in capital expenditures and another $1.08 million in professional services for the bridge replacement effort.

• $2.6 million in industrial building revenues and approximately $160,000 in commercial building revenues — a slight decrease from this year’s budget.

• $223,000 in waterfront recreation (concessions) income, a $20,000 increase from this year.

• $521,600 in marina income (moorage and cruise ships), a nearly $122,000 increase from this year covered by a grant to repair the dock and boat ramp.

• $1.1 million is budgeted next year for port administration expenses including wages, benefits and administration expenses, about the same at this year’s budget.

To view the entire Port of Hood River budget proposal for 2021-22, visit portofhoodriver.com/about-the-port/meetings-and-public-notices/archives.