Nancy Waters, “Through the Eyes of a Cloud"

Hood River author Nancy Waters (and pup Kami) with Waters’ recently released book, “Through the Eyes of a Cloud.”

It’s a lullaby in a book.

First-time Hood River author Nancy Waters’ “Through the Eyes of a Cloud: A Bedtime Story” has been years in the making.

“During the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, I was a nanny for seven families,” she said. “… Driving home one day after being with one of those families is when Cloudy became a dream.”

She particularly wanted to help families who have had to endure “terrible ordeals — maybe a home lost in a fire, an earthquake or any other natural disaster, or illness,” she said.

“I know that the beginning of healing due to any catastrophe HAS to start with sleep. If the children are too upset to sleep, then the parents can’t sleep and so the healing is delayed … My book (when read in a gentle, pleasing voice) is great in calming kids and that is the first step to sleep,” she added.

Waters said she is thrilled with this phase of her life. “From book signings to library readings with many smiling faces, I’m just hoping to bring a little joy and calmness for those kids who really need it — and I believe calmness is good for everyone and my sweet little book does just that.”

The book can be ordered online through retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or through Dorrance Publishing at

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About the book

It’s a beautiful spring day in the Pacific Northwest. The sun is shining. The animals are playing. One tiny white puffy cloud named Cloudy watches from the sky, wishing he could play too. But the animals all run from poor Cloudy, preferring the warm sunshine. At last, Cloudy feels content just to watch the happy animals. As the sun sinks low and the animals settle in for sleep, so does the tiny cloud, ready to see what adventures tomorrow will bring.