Hood River County School District and Hood River County Prevention came together Saturday, Aug. 29 to prepare resource packets for all 4,000 district students. HRCSD and HRCP stickers were placed on each bag beforehand by Providence Down Manor residents, and volunteers came to the Alliance Church gym to fill them with school and prevention information, as well as information on medical care and Gorge Happiness Month. The bags also contained fidget toys, hand sanitizer, a mask and an apple, and Hood River Valley High School bags also contained a hydro flask; pictured below at the HRVHS table are Becky Franks, Barb Hosford, Ann Zuehlke and Linda Taylor. Resource bags are prepared every year and distributed on a need-basis, but this year, district officials wanted every student to have a bag as a way to support emotional health and bring smiles to students' faces. Additionally, volunteers, including Gary Fisher and Amy Nelson, at top, decorated and signed banners that will be hung at each school during registration and supply pickup.