Support Judge John Wolf

I am a local attorney writing to provide my support and endorsement for Judge John Wolf to continue as a Circuit Court Judge in the Seventh Judicial District. Judge Wolf is a smart, experienced judge who respects all individuals that come into his courtroom. He consistently and accurately applies the law.

I have had the privilege of appearing in front of Judge Wolf since 2013. I have been a trial attorney for more than 14 years and have appeared in front of countless judges in Oregon, Washington, and California. Judge Wolf is one of the finest that I have ever appeared in front of. Any time that my cases are assigned to Judge Wolf, I am confident that he will apply the law fairly and that my client will feel heard and respected.

A great judge starts as a great attorney who put in their time practicing law in the local community, developing their legal and life skills. Prior to Judge Wolf being elected in 2010 (he took the bench in 2011), he was a local trial attorney practicing in various areas for 15 years.

As a family law attorney, the matters I bring before him are both emotionally and financially complex. Judge Wolf has a depth of knowledge and experience. If he does not know the answer to a legal question, he does the research himself. When he states he will issue a decision, he does so timely, knowing the additional emotional burden that waiting for results puts on parties. He also understands the dynamics of the court room. He understands a lawyer’s job is to advocate for their client, even if they do not agree with it. Our judicial community is lucky to have him as a judge and we would be at a loss if he did not continue to serve in this capacity.

Please join me in voting to re-elect Judge John Wolf.

Staci L. McCarthy

Hood River

Pole-tick me off!

Yes, our democracy is in a mess, and much needs to be done. We have been flooded with this reality all during our COVID times.

But I am so tired of all the interminable emails and texts practically screaming about this person or that issue, and polling me on them, then sliding into the pitch for donations. It goes on and on, and it is counter productive.

I trust our Senators, Merkley and Wyden, to be working on the right side of all these issues. I donate as I can to support their work, as well as the non-profit agencies who are lawyers to defend people, animals and the Earth. Earth needs a good lawyer! Well, our locals like Thrive and Columbia Riverkeeper are also important to support.

But aha! I have been hacked!, and my charge card will change, and I get to start over with who I wish to support! Block all the others, I say!

Thanks for listening! I feel much better.

Alison McDonald

Hood River

Vote for Brady

I’m voting for Phil Brady who is running for Position 3 with the Wasco County Board of Commissioners. I have known and worked with Phil in several capacities over the years. I first met him serving on The Dalles Watershed Council Board when he was co-chair. He was respected in this group for his calm and reasoned approach to solving problems and using his curiosity to think outside the box. Later as a school board director I knew of Phil’s popularity with his students at NORCOR, as he served this unique group of incarcerated teenage students as their teacher. He brought purpose and determination to those student’s lives. I also supported him as he worked on a dedicated team to try and pass a school bond proposal to build new facilities for our community. Even though that bond failed, to this day Phil continues to work towards that community goal.

I find Phil to be a man who looks for what good he can do. He is a good listener and a thinker with the curiosity needed to solve problems. He has the drive to make a difference for others in the community and is a bridge builder who can bring diverse groups of people together to work collaboratively and get things done. He strives to unite people and find ways to bring calmness to those who are divided and to bring new ideas to those who are willing to unite for a desired outcome.

I endorse Phil Brady because he will complement the commission and bring openness and cohesion to the work that needs to be done for the common good of Wasco County. To find out more about Phil go to:

Join me in voting for Phil Brady for the Wasco County Board of Commissioners.

John Nelson

The Dalles

Support for McQuisten

I’m writing in support of Gubernatorial Candidate Kerry McQuisten. If you haven’t had a chance to hear her speak, please make the time to go. She is well educated in and out of the country. She was born and raised in Eastern Oregon. Her family still owns a ranch there. She has owned her own business. She is currently the Mayor of Baker City. She knows the difficulties facing farmers, ranchers and orchardists. She understands the difficulties that our businesses have and will face in the future. She is well aware that we do NOT have appropriate timber management and will put a plan in place to prevent our timber from just burning up year after year. She has traveled more than 40,000 miles visiting all 36 counties, some more than once, in order to hear the concerns of the people who live there. The first thing she plans to do when she gets into office is to back out as many of the harmful policies that the Brown administration has put into place. She is in favor of school choice, eliminating mandates and tax reductions. Kerry will rebuild our depleted police force. She plans on being a governor for ALL people. Kerry understands that we all want to live free, raise our families and have choices in the way we do that. She knows the things that are important to Oregonians come in neither Red nor Blue.

Kathy Mussi

Hood River

Vote Moretti

I’m so happy to see that Leti Valle Moretti is seeking election to the Hood River County Board of Commissioners (District 1 position). There simply couldn’t be a better candidate for the job. Leti grew up in the Hood River Valley as an “orchard kid” and Pine Grove Panda, eventually playing softball for HRVHS, which led to a scholarship at College of the Siskiyous. Later, Leti earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Hawaii and became the district facilities manager for Macy’s in Hawaii before returning home to Hood River County. Education, agricultural life and community service are all so important to her, and are exemplified by her personal and professional life. Married to a high school teacher and mother of a HR Middle School student, Leti is also the daughter of a Parkdale Elementary School educator and an orchard manager/volunteer firefighter. Leti has served all of us very capably already in public transportation (on the Board of CAT since 2015, helping to develop expanded ridership and increased accessibility for everyone), in healthcare (One Community Health and elsewhere), in community development (as a member of the HR County Planning Commission), in advocacy for healthy aging (as a leader in the Blue Zones Project), and much more. Leti is a terrific “community connector,” who listens to people from all political ideologies. She has a strong work ethic, curiosity, and a great network of colleagues and collaborators due to her lifetime of work in our county. I urge all HR County District 1 voters to cast their votes for Leti Valle Moretti!

Tina Castañares

Hood River

Euwer for chair

Dear neighbors,

I am writing to strongly encourage you to vote for Jennifer Euwer for Hood River County Commission Chair.

Jennifer is one of the most hardworking people I know. She is a native of Hood River County, has raised two sons here, runs an orchard in the valley, and is committed to our community.

Jennifer is a capable and experienced businesswoman and leader. In addition to running a successful orchard, Jennifer sits on the board of a fruit packing plant and on the county planning commission.

But most important, Jennifer is motivated and able to understand issues from multiple points of view. She listens and seeks out different opinions, and she will provide leadership to keep our community working together to solve problems in a time of great partisanship. We need this kind of leadership.

Don’t miss the May election!

Elizabeth Foster

Hood River

Carbon dividend best response

A few weeks ago, Columbia Gorge News ran an article announcing the Columbia River Gorge Commission’s presentation of their climate action plan for the Hood River region.

This sort of action should be commended: Indeed, summer is quickly approaching, and if the last few years are any indication, wildfires will ravage the state. Thousands will be displaced; towns will be destroyed. The natural beauty of Hood River County and the surrounding region may be deeply, irrevocably scarred.

We cannot ignore climate change’s role in the fires. While climate is not the only reason for the fires’ increasing rate and severity, it is a significant one, creating longer, drier summers and extending the fire season dramatically.

It will get worse, too. That’s an unfortunate truth. But the extent to which it gets worse is up to us; and it’s up to our lawmakers. Make no mistake — our leaders need to act fast.

Of course, climate policy can be a sticky subject. It’s often framed as a zero sum game, where Oregonians would have to make serious, difficult sacrifices to contain emissions. Some might even think it a futile pursuit.

But a “carbon dividend” — wherein the fees collected for the cost of burning fossil fuels would be paid back to Americans — is neither. Experts say it would be exceptionally effective in slashing emissions (38% by 2030!) while putting money back in our pockets. The policy’s benefits are so well established, in fact, that everyone from Pete Buttigieg to Lindsey Graham has endorsed it as a major climate solution.

Climate change isn’t a distant concern, it’s here now. We need real, economically viable action, and the carbon dividend is just that. Our leaders — from Congressman Bentz to Senators Merkley and Wyden — would do well to take up the fight and support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act in Washington D.C.

Thomas Hochman

Hood River

Vote Brady

My number one reason for endorsing Phil Brady for Wasco County Commissioner is that he understands that the function of county government must include supporting the basic needs of its citizens — including housing, childcare and education.

Addressing these needs aids the health and stability of families and is intricately tied to the economic growth of the county. The two cannot be separated!

As a commissioner, Phil will draw upon his varied experiences as an educator and on the hospital board. His science background will be invaluable as we confront the inevitable threats posed by climate change and possible pandemics.

We need someone who has the vision and abilities to help prepare us for and move us through these especially challenging times. Phil Brady is the leader we need.

Connie Krummrich

The Dalles

Perfect candidate

I want to let you know about Leti Valle Moretti, who is running for HR County Commission. I first met her while working for the city on affordable housing issues. As a community health worker she was able to articulate the lack of, and substandard housing of many of our Latino neighbors. She brought families with her to hearings and helped them share their stories. It was powerful and I could see that this was a topic “close to her heart.”

Since that time, she has continually educated herself in how do we provide for all our residents who cannot afford to live here, but work here. She asked questions, attended meetings, met with those who had the ability to change code and regulations to address these issues. I saw Leti at city and county planning meetings, Next Door events, and other meetings and hearings. She was appointed to the county planning commission to further educate herself and to be part of the solution. She has done her homework necessary to run for this position.

This is why she is running for county commission. Since the very first time I met her many years ago, she has held fast to her vision of Hood River and especially how we can provide for everyone’s needs. If elected, she will give it 100%. She’s also very personable…

Cindy Walbridge

Hood River

Moretti support

I believe that people who work in Hood River need to be able to live in Hood River. Unfortunately, that’s not possible for a growing number of people in our county — for both buyers and renters. Leti Valle Moretti is running for the Hood River Board of Commissioners, District 1, and I believe she will make a positive impact for workforce housing.

Leti was born in workforce housing on an orchard and understands the need and importance of providing such housing for various workers in our community. And she also understands that workforce housing is only a start, and not the total solution. This is a complicated topic and Leti will bring a new and important perspective to the board of commissioners. I hope you join me in supporting her.

Katie Crafts

Hood River

Brady for Wasco Co.

Please join me in voting for Phil Brady for Wasco County Commissioner. Phil has the people skills to treat people with the dignity and respect they deserve. His father owned Brady’s Market in The Dalles and Phil learned from watching him that managing the store meant treating people fairly, working until the job is done, and giving back to the community.

Finding a solution to the shortage of affordable housing is one of the top priorities for Phil. Everyone deserves to have a safe and comfortable place to live. Available housing is also essential for businesses to attract and maintain workers.

As a commissioner, Phil will support the people and agencies who are addressing this problem without involving county taxes. Advocating for these agencies, making land available for housing, such as lots that would otherwise be auctioned off, and sponsoring block grants from the state are a few examples.

Please help make our community a better place to live by supporting Phil Brady in the May election. Find out more by visiting

Sheila Dooley


Strong leadership

It was my privilege to serve on the board of MCMC during parts of 2020 and 2021. Throughout this time, I was impressed and inspired by the leadership of the board chair, Phil Brady. The past two years have been very challenging for all healthcare systems in this country, particularly those in rural communities. The strain COVID has placed on rural hospitals, and those who work at and serve such institutions, is almost unimaginable to those not directly involved. There was no existing playbook. Each community required a unique response. I spent my entire career at OHSU, serving as a practicing physician, faculty member, and ultimately president. I learned that although the numbers are larger at institutions like OHSU, the basic challenges facing rural hospitals are very similar and equally complex.

I believe that MCMC and the community it serves were incredibly fortunate to have a leader as capable as Phil during these times. Prior to Phil’s resignation from the board in January, many difficult decisions needed to be made. Phil repeatedly demonstrated the ability to analyze complex technical material and enjoin both staff and board members in the process in a manner that led to consensus building. His guiding principle was doing what was best for the community and he remained laser focused on that objective. He was a superb communicator. His commitment was commendable and inspiring. COVID required that Phil spend a great deal more time on his duties than he could have anticipated when he agreed to serve in this volunteer position, but he embraced the challenge. He worked calmly and steadfastly to ensure that all voices were heard — not only those at the board table but also those in the community.

Unfortunately, rural hospital systems will continue to face considerable challenges in the aftermath of the pandemic and changing healthcare economics. Whether as a hospital board chairman or county commissioner, it is important that citizen leaders are capable of meeting those challenges. Phil Brady is such an individual. As a citizen of Wasco County, I am grateful for Phil’s leadership and commitment to this community.

Joe Robertson, M.D.

The Dalles

Much to give

Phil Brady, a native of The Dalles, has been serving our community in many ways since returning after some years away. We’ve often wondered why Phil has not run for office, and now at last we have the opportunity to elect him to the Wasco County Commission.

Phil has so much to give, starting with his goal to make housing affordability a priority for Wasco County, something which has been lacking here of late. He and his family were fortunate to find a home here that was affordable. Many are not that lucky.

Houselessness is rampant, and not just for people on the street. Many couch surf or live in their cars, or now at least are able to spend time in the new tiny homes. Even professionals can’t afford housing here. Our county is failing us all in this regard.

Phil observes daily the results of home insecurity on his students, no way to clean clothes, anxiety about having a home to go to at the end of the day, young people who work, not to save for college, but to help pay the rent. This is a moral and health crisis that our county can help solve with the will and dedication of people like Phil Brady.

Please join us in supporting and voting for the right person at the right time, Phil Brady.

Sandy Haechrel

The Dalles

Full support

I am writing this letter to give my wholehearted endorsement to Phil Brady as he seeks my position on the county commission. I know Phil very well and I know him to be a kind and generous person. If I have learned anything these past years, I have learned how important it is to be responsive in a kind and respectful way to constituents.

I also have full confidence that Phil will continue to move forward on issues that I have championed such as building relationships to improve collaboration among partners, bringing social issues such as homelessness and the need for housing to the attention of the county, support for public and mental health and continuing the need for the county to be more transparent and accessible to its citizens. Phil is a doer and he will bring issues to the table and help find solutions.

Finally, Phil is also independently thoughtful which will continue to provide diversity of thought to the board of commissioners. This diversity of thought is important as it is what makes county government more inclusive and responsive to its citizens.

Kathy Schwartz

The Dalles


Vagrant, transient, bum, hobo, junkie, panhandler, drunk, crazies. Terms we no longer use, but we’ve always had them. They were not a major problem until the ACLU emptied the insane asylums, and liberal district attorneys and judges began discarding applicable laws. The final piece was re-labeling all of the above “homeless,” a masterstroke that overnight changed the way we look at them.

Same people, same problems, but you can’t blame someone for not having a place to live. You feel compelled to help, and that help has focused largely on housing because, well, they’re “homeless.” But that’s not the real problem for most. Certainly, there are some legitimate “down on their luck” homeless, but they are not lining sidewalks with blue tarps and garbage.

High housing costs don’t cause people to abuse drugs or alcohol, refuse to find a job, or go crazy.

I understand the proposed “Navigation Center” in The Dalles is not supposed to be a “housing first” facility. That’s good news, if true. “Housing first” means to provide housing without conditions. No requirement to stop using or go into treatment or otherwise behave. The theory is, after they get secure housing and related services, then they will be receptive to modifying behavior. It doesn’t work. Just look at communities that keep doing that and note the results — 52% of all arrests in Portland now involve the “homeless.” We don’t want that here.

There are communities experiencing success, but they are doing a couple of things “progressive” cities like Seattle, Portland and San Francisco won’t do.

In notoriously liberal Amsterdam for example, they do provide housing, but with conditions. Residents must behave and participate in appropriate treatment programs. More importantly, they strictly enforce their laws, especially those prohibiting things like public drug use or intoxication, and camping and pooping on sidewalks. Violators are actually arrested and charged, and given a choice between completing a treatment program, or incarceration. It works.

I have no objection to helping those in need, but when we do, let’s be Amsterdam, not Portland.

Steve Hudson

The Dalles

Historical prophecy

When the president of Ukraine recently stated, “This war is for the world,” it was a very chilling statement. Russia is not stopping after she conquers Ukraine as the Hebrew prophets foretold. Russia is Gog of Ezekiel Chapter 38 and she is fulfilling her role as predicted. Which is? Subjecting all of Europe. Europeans know this. How do they know this?

History. Knowledge of the past makes a clear sight into the future. When Constantinople fell in 1453 at the hands of the Turks, the financial elite, the ruling class and the clergy escaped to Moscow. Moscow is known as “The Third Rome.” Russia wants “her” ancient city Istanbul back. The vital waterways that are controlled by Turkey from the Black Sea into the Mediterranean Sea are crucial for Russia and her plans. She will occupy this access to the sea.

Now, if Europe has one single characteristic it is the fact that it is Roman Catholic. If Rome does not hold sway over the EU now it will soon with the military arm of Russia. The goal of powerful men in Europe has always been the same. Reestablish the Holy Roman Empire. This was a ruthless powerful empire ruled by Germany and the church. The Emperor Charlemagne, the Frank and the pope of Rome were the originators of this empire. The popes of Rome are a major player in the history and the future of Europe and the world, but not for good.

Allow me one important suggestion. A reading and study of the Hebrew Scriptures is not church. I would never suggest that someone destroy their minds by drinking the poisoned wine the church system sells. All churches sell a horrible lie about “going” to either hell or heaven.

The books have nothing to do with a heaven or a hell. It’s all about the earth and its politics. That’s why the books focus on prophesying the political movements of the nations. The books offer a fix for our “unfixable” political problems which are going to explode very soon. Ask me for a 16 page herald on this vital subject.

Gary Fischer

The Dalles