I was disappointed reading the April 8 Columbia Gorge News that had gobbled up our White Salmon Enterprise, local paper, for the lack of coverage and input from Klickitat County’s West Side.

I don’t know if it is because of lack of contributions from those of us in Klickitat County, or because the paper is now primarily a Hood River/The Dalles paper. Of course, I was one of those from our side of the river that didn’t contribute, so will assume part of the blame. Still, by my count, there were 14 Oregon-centric news articles/briefs to only four on the Washington side. Of the “Voices,” all 11 were by Oregonian contributors. Let’s encourage Washingtonians to do a better job contributing “Voices” and newsworthy articles.

Peter Leon


Editor’s note: Thank you for your thoughts and your support for the Enterprise. To clarify the situation, the White Salmon Enterprise was not “gobbled up,” it was closed by the prior owner and employees were terminated. If not for new owners, now the Columbia Gorge News, the Enterprise, Hood River News and The Dalles Chronicle  would no longer exist.

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