Wasco County certified the 2020-21 tax roll of $41,932,645.69 on Oct. 8.

The tax roll includes 30 districts and three special assessments; one county, six cities, three fire districts, nine general government agencies, six school districts, three education service districts and two community colleges.

Tax statements were mailed beginning Oct. 16.

Value changes

Value change comparison prior years to current year:

Real Market Value

2018-19: $ 4,096,126,925

2019-20: $ 4,203,357,517

2020-21: $ 4,788,502,962

Tax Assessed Value

2018-19: $ 2,349,008,057

2019-20: $ 2,433,810,936

2020-21: $ 2,540,752,482

Taxes Imposed

2018-19: $ 39,985,712.28

2019-20 $ 42,031,310.46

2020-21 $ 41,932,645.69

One of the changes this year is a noticeable decrease in the taxes imposed. This is due mainly to the retirement of District 12 School Bonds. The bond levied $1,863,862.03 for the prior 2019-20 year, a noticeable difference compared to the current year taxes levied minus the bond.

Tax payments are due Nov. 16 this year, due to the 15th falling on Sunday. Payment in full by Nov. 16 receives a three percent discount. If mailing, it must be postmarked Nov. 16.

Paying 2/3 by Nov. 16 receives a two percent discount. A 1/3 payment does not receive a discount.

Installment payment options are due on Nov. 16, Feb. 15, 2021 and May 17, 2021.

Pandemic changes

In an effort to prevent, slow and stop the spread of the coronavirus, customer service will continue to look different this year.

Residents are asked to utilize one of the following options for tax payments during this time:

• A new payment drop box has been installed outside of the Wasco County Courthouse on Fifth Street to assist taxpayers during this time of COVID-19 to continue our efforts in protecting the health and safety of our employees and the public.

Additional payment options are:

• Payment drop slot in the door, Room 208, at the courthouse, 511 Washington St.

• Mail to US Bank Processing Center in Portland. Payment coupon on the tax statement included.

• If you typically pay in cash, we ask that you consider exchanging cash for a money order and mail your payment.

• Online payment options are also available. Online payment option includes E –Check payment, with a flat $2. Credit card payments, with a 2.5 percent fee charged of tax paid (paid to the service provider, not Wasco County).

You can also pay by phone at 844-435-3978.

The online payment portal isco.wasco.or.us/departments/assessment_and_taxation/index.php, click on “online payments.”


Those with tax or value questions, visit the new tax information service online at co.wasco.or.us/departments/assessment_and_taxation/index.php, click on “Ascend Web.” Informational videos also available.

The payment coupon must be mailed with your payment to US Bank payment processing center as it has a unique bar code for your payment.

Questions can also be addressed to:

Value questions, 541-506-2510; tax questions, 541-506-2540; or email assessor@co.wasco.or.us.

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