Next Door Inc

Because of this thoughtful and caring community, The Next Door’s year-end fundraising campaign had its most successful year yet, raising over $187,000.

Just how does all that generosity impact your community?

$20,000 can certify 10 new therapeutic foster homes, providing a young person with a safe and caring home, as well as the emotional and behavioral support they need to heal and grow.

$43,200 enables six homeless youth to live in safety at The Next Door’s Oregon Trail Transitional House in The Dalles for a year until they can build a strong foundation for independent living.

$45,000 can provide 30 stressed and overwhelmed families with a Family Support Specialist for a year. With this support, families learn the skills to become confident and capable caregivers, so their baby can be safe and healthy.

$26,000 enables 20 children and teens to have mentors for a year through Gorge Youth Mentoring. These youth will grow to have more fulfilling relationships throughout their lives, experience new things, and enjoy brighter futures.

$17,500 can provide 350 emergency food boxes to families struggling to make ends meet. With essentials such as rice, beans, and vegetables, families can nourish themselves and retain the strength to work, learn, play, and thrive.

$35,800 allows 19,563 KN95 masks to be distributed to migrant and seasonal farmworkers, protecting these essential workers from COVID-19 and wildfire smoke so they can continue providing for their families and feeding our communities.

Wow, so many children, teens, and families supported by your generosity!

As we’ve seen, especially in the last year, the needs of our Gorge community evolve. The Next Door is committed to carrying out the services to meet those ever-changing needs, and none of that important work happens without you. Thank you!

To learn more about The Next Door and the services it offers in the Mid-Columbia region, visit or call 541-386-6665.

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