What is it like to live in fear? Because of COVID-19, we’ve all been experiencing a fear unlike anything we’ve ever felt. 

But while many of us live in an otherwise safe and stable environment, what has the pandemic been like for your friends and neighbors who were already struggling with poverty, food insecurity, abusive relationships, and more? 

The danger in which they live has become almost unbearable.  

“For the last couple years, I was abused by my ex. Finally, for my kids’ safety, I left,” says Shelly, a program participant of The Next Door. 

Terrified, Shelly and her kids moved to start a new life in a new city. 

She found a job, but it wasn’t the happy ending she had hoped for. 

“We couldn’t find a place to live,” she says. “Some nights, we slept in our car, my three babies all sharing one blanket. Other nights, we would stay with friends.” 

While staying with a friend of a friend, Shelly was raped. She felt guilty, like it was her fault. 

Among all this, Shelly worries about exposure to COVID-19. 

“What if we get sick? Should I have stayed with my ex? Yes, I was unhappy and scared, but we were safer from the virus. I constantly doubt my decision to leave,” Shelly said. 

You can keep Shelly safe and help her and her kids find the happy ending they deserve. Visit nextdoorinc.org/donate and make a gift today. 

Thanks to Rich and Pat Gleitsmann, your gift to The Next Door will be matched up to $10,000 through Dec. 31. 

Double your impact and make a special holiday gift to ensure people like Shelly feel safe and valued. 

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