For many decades, the southwest corner of Flicker and Catbird had been home to Donald’s Western Wear, but attrition ended that tradition. Founder Stanley Donald’s granddaughter Sylvia Donald Ward retired about 10 years back. With no buyer interest in the business, the building and lot were sold to Sheila Berry, who opened Tattoo Mania. Sheila, who is now Sheila Black Petrovich, continues to show a strong profit in that venture. In the end, Sylvia’s resources dwindled. There were the malls in Garfield, then the strip malls, then the big box stores. Finally commerce on the Internet strangled the store. This sad lament sounds like one of the country western ballads that would play continually at Donald’s.

Stanley and his wife Lucille started the store as young entrepreneurs in 1923. They ran the business, in the end with their son Wendell Ward and his wife Cybil, until 1957, when they turned it over to the younger generation. The son and daughter-in-law carried on very successfully until 2003, when Sylvia assumed ownership.