Yesteryears Hood River News 1981

More, More — There was snow in the Hood River area late Friday — not much, but enough for Tabatha Collar and some friends to build the first official snowman of the year at American Village apartments. Raising arms skyward, both Tabatha and her creation seem to appeal for more of the white stuff. But the ground around reveals little willingness for the skies to comply, and fate of the lower valley’s first snowman is seat. To create their snowman, Russel Smart, Edna Collar, Star Warnock and Tabatha scraped the thin layer of snow not only from the ground but also from cars, or any other surface that collected it. Temperatures had returned to the upper 30s and 40s this week. — Hood River News, Jan. 22, 1981


1901 — 120 years ago

Men are employed at the St. Charles hot springs, two miles above Stevenson on the Washington side of the Columbia River, clearing ground for a hotel site and sinking a well to a depth where water can be had of a temperature of 108 to 120 degrees. An engine and boiler and pump are already on the ground. — The Dalles Daily Chronicle

1921 — 100 years ago

Tomorrow will be Moving Picture Day, not only in Hood River, but throughout the country, the feature being a morning performance in all movie houses, the entire proceeds of which are to be given to the Armenian relief fund. The films will be Jack Pickford in “Freckles” and Fatty Arbuckle in “Love.” The price of admission to all will be 25 cents. — Hood River News

Punishment of children with a “cat-o-nine-tails” was more than Mrs. Anna Wittliff could stand, she stated in a complaint filed in the circuit court this morning, asking for a divorce from John Wittliff. She alleges that her husband frequently swore at her and one time knocked her unconscious with a blow from his fist. She asks $125 attorney fees and alimony of $50 a month. — The Dalles Daily Chronicle

1941 — 80 years ago

Old Hood River friends of Dr. F.T. Struck will be glad to learn that he has been called to Washington, D.C., to perform special duties in connection with national defense education, and has been granted a leave of absence for this work by directors of the state college of Pennsylvania. Dr. Struck is a graduate of Hood River High School of the class of ’07 and also graduated at the University of Oregon. His brothers are Herbert and Chas. Struck, of Pine Grove and Parkdale. — Hood River News

An ambulance on its way to war-torn Europe, driven by Jim Poole, New York professional football star, and representing the British-American ambulance corps, is expected to arrive in The Dalles tomorrow, when it will be escorted into town by members of the city police force and accorded a reception on the front steps of the city hall by a citizens committee composed of various municipal and civic leaders. — The Dalles Daily Chronicle

1961 — 60 years ago

Another big Washington’s birthday party, built around special merchandise offers and a town-wide giveaway game, is on tap for Mid-Columbia shippers next month, the Hood River Merchants committee decided at their meeting last Thursday. The merchants agreed to put on the promotion, again using a special-colored advertising insert in the Hood River News to carry their special value offers to customers. — Hood River News

A reopening of Dinty’s Cafe at Biggs Junction is scheduled in approximately 10 days following a brief but brisk fire last night in the restaurant kitchen. Cafe Manager Jack Beers said this morning damage from the fire amounted to about $4,500. — The Dalles Daily Chronicle

1981 — 40 years ago

A boiling order was raised Monday from Crystal Springs Water District for the first time since Christmas floods ripped out more than half a mile of pipeline south of the Mt. Hood community. “Everything’s back in service, all checked out,” said Crystal Springs Board Chairman Gowlan Wells. Even after the link had been reopened, the order to boil drinking water remained in effect until lines could be cleared and tests affirmed the water was once again pure. Approximately 2,000 customers were affected by the outage. — Hood River News

Federal permission has been granted for a public power project on White River near Tygh Valley. Northern Wasco County People’s Utility District has won an 18-month preliminary permit from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to proceed with the project.— The Dalles Daily Chronicle

White Salmon police handled more than 1,300 complaints and solved over two-thirds of the town's reported criminal cases during 1980, according to an end-of-the-year report by Police Chief Ned Kindler. The department handled 26 cases of violent crime, and all ended either in arrests or in finding the complaint unfounded, said Kindler. Of six business burglaries, two were solved, and of nine residential burglaries five were solved. — White Salmon Enterprise

2001 — 20 years ago

ODELL — Smoke poured out of a Diamond Fruit cold storage unit Monday, but the haze was actually generated by the firefighters who converged on the scene. About 20 of the 35 volunteers with the Odell Fire Department are undergoing a training series to learn about a new tool tat serves as an extra pair of “eyes” in an emergency situation. The local department recently received a $20,000 anonymous donation to purchase a thermal-imaging camera. The handheld device, carried inside a burning structure by one person on a three-man team, allows the incident commander stationed outside to view a readout of information on a special monitor. — Hood River News

The “bookends” of downtown The Dalles, the east and west entrances, are due for a new look under a proposed “gateway” project. A major part of the gateway project is making a final decision on whether to change the one-way streets downtown into two-way streets. — The Dalles Chronicle