Sept 22 1950 Wheat Storage Pile Continentel Grain

Wheat is piled and covered next to the Port of The Dalles Grain Elevator for loading in September 1950. The elevator was located downtown The Dalles. Have more information regarding a photograph published here? Email Mark Gibson at


1920 — 100 years ago

With the advent of below freezing temperatures and the appearance of ice on the slough below the depot, quite a number of residents have greased their skates this week in anticipation of some skating before the end of the year. Last year, just when the ice was at its best, snow fell and put an end to all hopes. — Hood River News

Starting Jan. 31, County Agricultural Agent E.R. Jackman will stage a “farmer’s week” at the local courthouse, in which experts from all parts of the state will consult with the farmers of Wasco County and advise them upon matters of vital interest to them. — The Dalles Daily Chronicle

1940 — 80 years ago

A new home economics department and a new classroom are to be built in the basement on the north side of Hood River High School, according to a decision arrived at by the board of directors. It is estimated the cost of the improvement, which will complete all interior construction work in the high school, will be between $8,000 and $10,000 and money for the work is already available in a fund established for this purpose. — Hood River News

The Wasco County grand jury — reconvened in special session to investigate the alleged defalcation of funds involving ex-Tax Deputy Guy Duvall — drew a recess today after submitting a special report to Circuit Judge Fred W. Wilson in which it was disclosed that a complete audit of the books in the sheriff’s office will be made under the direction of State Auditor Sam Star. — The Dalles Daily Chronicle

Charbroiled photo

Charcoal Broiled — Dalles Fireman Jim Comini plays the part of a waiter behind counter of charred Holiday Café. Interior of the café was seriously damaged by flames, heat and smoke last night when a fire mysteriously erupted in the kitchen area behind Comini. Upstairs area was occupied by three apartment dwellers. They fled the building unhurt when fire was discovered. Café has not been operated for some time.

1960 — 60 years ago

Fishermen — and hunters — if you intend to fish or hunt on Jan. 1, a 1961 license is required. The 1961 licenses are now available at all license agents throughout the state and sportsmen are urged to purchase the new licenses as soon as possible so they won’t be caught short at the beginning of the new season. Resident license fees remain the same, $4 for an angling license, $4 for a hunting license or $7 for a combination license. Persons who intend to angle for salmon and steelhead during 1961 must also purchase the $1 salmon and steelhead license. — Hood River News

A pair of fires kept county and city firemen busy last night at almost the same hour. One of the two fires occurred in the Holiday Cafe on E. Second Street in The Dalles. The other damaged the John Bible home a short distance east of Mosier on the old Columbia River Highway. — The Dalles Daily Chronicle

1980 — 40 years ago

Douglas Medler, manager of The Dalles branch of the Benjamin Franklin Savings and Loan Association, was elected president of The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce on Monday. — The Dalles Daily Chronicle

(1979) Bingen and White Salmon representatives met Thursday afternoon to discuss the long-debated police merger and agreed they were interested in a consolidation only if it saves each city money. “I think one town or the other should run the police department and the other town should pay for it,” said White Salmon councilor Amel Burris. “In my opinion, I’d rather see you guys run it. You have a jail.” — White Salmon Enterprise

2000 — 20 years ago

Six Hood River County public officials will take their oath of office on Tuesday at the courthouse Participants will be Hood River County Commission Chair John Arens, Hood River County District 2 Commissioner Bob Hastings, Hood River County District 4 Commissioner Les Perkins, Hood River County District Attorney John Sewell, Hood River County Sheriff Joe Wampler and Hood River County Justice of the Peace Roberta “Robbie” Lee. — Hood River News

The Bikes are back. That was good news for a local family in The Dalles, after someone — Phil and Lydia Barrier still don’t know who — returned two motocross bikes stolen the day after Thanksgiving from a locked shed at the couple’s home. The family distributed flyers around town asking for information, and their story ran in The Dalles Chronicle. Nonetheless, the family had just about given up hope...then, this past Wednesday night... “Lo and behold, I saw something yellow leaning against the ivy in the alley,” said Phill Barrier. “I walked over and looked, and there were both of the bikes.” — The Dalles Chronicle

Longtime Lyle resident Gail Castle has been living in her home for the past 35 years. It’s one of those wooden farmhouses, the kind built in the early 1900s before insulation or even concrete foundations. She admitted last December that the house probably would not last another year, However, the 2000 winter season has arrived and Castle has yet to build a replacement home. Now, she is in the midst of an appeal to the Columbia River Gorge Commission because Executive Director Claire Peachy denied her application to build one, citing a Management Plan that requires in-kind replacement to follow the exact footprint of the original home. In her appeal, Castle told the commission she makes her living growing hay and raising horses and cattle. “I just want to replace the old house with another one as close as possible to the old one...” said Castle, who applied for a single-story house to replace the two-story farmhouse. — White Salmon Enterprise