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A bowler is the subject of this metal letterpress block from the Hood River News. Highest portions of the block held the ink, which was transferred page-by -page to the newspaper. The c. 1940s artifact is four inches tall and 2.5 inches wide.

This bi-weekly tenpin bowling report reads like a who’s who in local bowling. Yes, the cream of the crop rose to the top in league action at Hood River’s Orchard Lanes. Just check out the big scores in the league reports below. Our mythical five-person team of stars based on the high scores from the last two weeks would be Jeff Miller, Nancy Asai, Mike Parke, Lynn Spellman and Jeremy Bloom, all charter members of the elite in local bowling. Perennial all-star and Double A Orchards mainstay Nancy Asai is always impressive but she was off the chart in the Tuesday Nite Mixed where she racked up a sparkling scratch 714 three game series. It used to be unheard of for a woman to bowl a scratch 700 series but Nancy has logged so many we’ve lost count. Folks, her 714 set equates to a 238 average per game. How do you like those apples!

Okay, the above leaderboard, so to speak, glitters so much its almost blinding, but we cannot overlook some significant others. How about Randy Nieto’s nifty scratch 662 series in the Industrial? He powered his Randy’s Painting trio to a 21-4 shellacking of their opponents and with only a few weeks to go in the league’s first found, Mr. Nieto’s crew is only two points out of first in the league. Do you think we should give Randy a “Reggie” for his stirring performance? Also, the tall lanky one with the big backswing who looks down to the 6-foot 5-inch level, Matt Hodges, notched a nice 660 set in the same session.

Trevor Johnson scrambled the sticks with a scratch 244 game and finished up 110 pins over his average to earn a big assist with his famous teammate, Nancy Asai, in sparking their team to only two points out of first in the Mixed. Another “Reggie”?

All-star Bernie Keys topped everyone. What a roll she is on. A scratch 665 series in the senior Colts and Fillies which was 131 sticks over her average, tops for all league bowlers in the most pins over department, a scratch 645 set in the Fraternal and a scratch 617 in the senior Lads and Lassies. How’s that for 9 games, a 214 average! Bernie is not only elite here, she looks to be primed for the pro tour and she’s clearly in line for a “Reggie” due to her efforts in the Fraternal as her Hood River Sports Club team roared into first place with a 22-3 drubbing of one of the top teams in the league who have won it multiple times. Great bowling everyone, string those strikes, make those spares and let the good times roll. 


Monday night Industrial:

Jeff Miller 275, 238, 236 games and 718, 687 series

Lynn Spellman 247 game and 693 series

Randy Nieto 268, 245 games and 662 series

Matt Hodges 256, 246 games and 660 series

Patrick Olson 259, 257 games

Sue Spellman 224 game

Nancy Asai 211, 202 games 

Tuesday Nite Mixed:

Nancy Asai 268, 254, 232, 214 ,212 games and 714, 647 series

Joey Sheirbon 245 game and 652 series

Jeremy Bloom 279, 257, 247 games and 685, 652 series

Trevor Johnson 244 game

Jennifer Bloom 214 game

Janet Kawachi 213 game

Wednesday afternoon senior Colts & Fillies:

Mike Parke 245, 235, 223, 215, 212, 202 games and 695, 637 series

Bernie Keys 263, 204 games and 665 series +131

Patrick Olson 259, 213, 204 games and 653 series

Lynn Spellman 223, 211 games and 605 series

Tony Teschner 232, 211 games

Mick Sherrell 225 game

Jesse Flores 200 game

Wednesday night Fraternal:

Josh Worth 241 game and 682 series

John Riggleman 680 series

Patrick Olson 279, 257 games and 677, 673 series

Bill Whetstine 245, 235 games and 675 series

Bill Pullum 238 game and 669 series

Lynn Spellman 249, 245, 238 games and 664 series

Jeff Miller 256, 239 games and 650 series

Bernie Keys 264, 212 games and 645 series

Levi Phelps 235 game 

Thursday afternoon senior Lads & Lassies:

Bernie Keys 214, 203, 200 games and 617 series 

George Buck 225 game

Phil Wilson 212 game

Jesse Flores 211 game

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