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Reminder: Ballots mailed Oct. 14 for the Nov. 3 General Election. Contact county elections office if you do not receive it by Oct. 20.

Greg Smith (incumbent) 

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Greg Smith


My name is Greg Smith and I live in Heppner, Ore., with my beautiful wife, Sherri and my daughter, Genevieve. I have five children, four of whom have graduated high school and are in pursuit of their goals. I am currently running for re-election to my 10th term in office. 

How does your previous experience help qualify you for this position? 

 I have been an Oregon State Representative here in Eastern Oregon for nearly 20 years. I have served on many committees in my tenure, including the House Committee on Revenue and the Joint Committee on Ways and Means as a co-vice chair.

Tell us why you are running for this office and list your top three concerns. 

 I am running for re-election because I have a strong passion for helping people. My top three concerns are as follows:

1. Mental Health/Healthcare

2. Education

3.  Economic Development

These are real issues that need to be addressed and I am excited to help as many people as I can.

Please give one specific suggestion you have for helping Oregon achieve stable education funding. 

Education is critical for our children and I want to ensure that each child receives an equitable education. Education was fully funded this biennium and I plan to ensure that it continues to stay fully funded.


Roland Ruhe 

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Roland Ruhe


Hello, my name is Roland Ruhe and I have lived in Eastern Oregon for nearly 30 years. I have been married to my wife Teri Ruhe for 20 years and have a beautiful 4-year-old son, Charlie.

How does your previous experience help qualify you for this position? 

I’ve been a construction contractor and small business owner most my career. I’ve seen the effects of lack of representation in Eastern Oregon, especially on the back of small business.

Tell us why you are running for this office and list your top three concerns.

I’m running for office because we need someone who is willing to do what’s best for the people, not just blind allegiance to a political party. I’m running because I don’t care about being popular, I do care about making the hard choices that make a difference regardless if it is viewed as political suicide. I’m running for office because I think for myself based on all the information. My top concern would be getting our great state of Oregon back to work and safely.

How should the Oregon Legislature respond to concerns over the climate crisis?

Steps need to be taken to attack this very real problem that we are going to hand down to our children if not taken seriously. That being said, it’s a task that is very complicated to accomplish. We must consider industry and the true cost of the decisions and pathway we take.

Please describe a specific piece legislation you would sponsor or support in the next session.


 What is your opinion on the practice of members of a political party walking out during a Legislative session? 

 I believe we owe more to the citizens. Grow up and do your job.

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