Barbara Ayers

Barbara Ayers

1) Why did you decide to run for a position on the Mosier Fire District board?

I’ve served on the Mosier Fire Department Board for the past five years during a time of positive improvement and would like to see that momentum continue.

My work in Emergency Services makes me the most experienced candidate to help Mosier Fire. As Hood River County Emergency Manager, I led the Emergency Operations Center during COVID, the Eagle Creek Fire, and during Drought and Winter Storms. I served Sheriff Magill and MFD in both the Mosier Creek Fire and 2016 UPRR derailment. And I have worked for Providence Hood River Hospital and San Diego Fire-Rescue Department.

2) What is your background/profession, and where do you live?

As Emergency Manager/Public Information Officer for Hood River County and San Diego Fire-Rescue Dept., I’ve spent decades building coalitions, working with government officials, nonprofits and volunteers to make communities safer. I launched GetReadyGorge, and Hood River EOC and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer programs.

Certifications: National Advanced Emergency Manager; All Hazards Incident Commander; All Hazards Logistics Chief; Advanced Public Information Officer.

Volunteering: United Way; Hood River Rotary; Mainstreet Mosier; OB Town Council; CGW2.

I love Mosier! I’ve lived here 14 years in a 1907 farmhouse near Mosier Senior Center, including through evacuations. My dogs and I surf in parades.

3) What will your top priorities be if voters select you to serve on the board?

The 2016 Oil Train Derailment was a reminder of how important it is that our fire district and our community work together. In the months following, we decided as the Mosier Fire Department Board to bring in the state experts Special Districts of Oregon Assn. (SDAO) to help us grow and improve. I am proud of how far we have come and would focus on continuing this progress.

As a department, Mosier Fire has made significant improvements to enhance training, teamwork, fire and EMS services and replace outdated equipment and policies. My priority is to continue to support this evolvement.

4) What changes do you think the district needs to make?

Our team has worked hard to build a solid foundation for Mosier Fire. We hired a strong and experienced leader with Fire Chief Mike Renault, who expanded mutual aid partnerships, implemented SDAO audit recommendations, rebooted training programs, and replaced aging vehicles and policies.

We now have a better fire and EMS service with over 20 amazing, talented and dedicated volunteers.

We’re partnering with the City of Mosier for a future community center. There’s nothing we can’t do — together. I’m proud of our experienced Board and what we’ve accomplished. Let’s keep, and build, MFD momentum!