Two long-term community partners have once again teamed up with Lyle School to give students and their families a happy holiday.

For the sixth year in a row, Mugs Coffee in Bingen will include Lyle families on its “Giving Tree.” Despite a fire in their original site that forced the shop to relocate in 2018, followed by a global pandemic, Mugs has faithfully continued this yearly tradition on behalf of the area’s children.

Likewise, the Lyle Lions continue to offer Christmas Food Box to community members and families in need of help putting enough on the table over the holidays, along with a turkey and trimmings for the holiday. This long-running effort fed 232 adults and 94 children in 2020 and around 245 individuals in 2019. The deadline to sign up for a food box is Nov. 30. To do so, or to make donations of food or money to the Lions, go to Lyle School District’s webpage at and look for the story on the front page.

On Friday, Nov. 26, the day after Thanksgiving, the 2021 Giving Tree will go up at Mugs’ coffee shop at 221 W. Steuben in Bingen. Each tag will have information about a family, including children’s likes and sizes, to help shoppers pick out great gifts. No identifying information will be included on the tag.

Visitors can select one or more tags to take with them while shopping for the kids. Tags that begin with an “L” indicate they are for a Lyle School family.

Gifts should be wrapped and returned to Mugs, along with the original tag, by Dec. 14, to allow time for the school to pick up and distribute the gifts to families before Winter Break begins.

For Lyle School families who could use a little help with presents or food this year, a form posted with the website article can be returned to the school. Counselor Julie Larson suggests returning the form as early as possible in order to be added to the tree on the very first day. This will give shoppers the best chance possible to find the items most dear to a kids’ heart.

For those who would like to contribute but have limited time to shop, or who may not be able to get to Bingen, there’s another way to help. Some of Lyle’s older students in particular have very specific needs. With a little financial help, they can pay for items that will help them get a job or otherwise get ahead in life. All cash gifts are highly valued by Lyle School’s staff and go for very worthy uses.

If you can donate cash to this fund, contact Lyle Community Schools at 509-365-2211, extension 126.