Kegler's Corner

Young Kristen Kawachi, who has become a fantastic force on the lanes this season, starred in the tournament, winning three events, by bowling with the winning Team Nishi trio, plus taking the singles and handicap all-events crowns.

Joining Kristen on Team Nishi, were orchardist Joey Sheirbon and the inimitable Stuart Kawachi. This talented and tenacious trio held each other up. Joey’s powerful down and in slants paced the crew with a scratch 626 three game series that included 227 and 205 games. Kristen’s Astro Physix took down the sticks once again with a solid 206 and Stuart added nice 214 and 201 games. Team Nishi’s total of 2087 pins was tops, followed by Pat’s Pro Shop with 2021 sticks and Jesse’s Team earned third place with a 2006 total. The battle for third was intense as Team Kawachi finished with 2004 pins and Hood River Supply had 2002.

Winning doubles with 1453 pins were all-pro Jeff Miller and our gregarious man about town George Buck. George must have inhaled just the right amount of the tantalizing aroma in his ever present Cheese Whiz and Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup to pick such a great partner. It was definitely Miller-time as Jeff was simply awesome, rolling a huge scratch 763 three game series that was capped by big 280 and 268 games. Two awesome games for most of us but just ho-hum stuff for the great Mr. Miller. Yes, he’s that good! Taking second place was the husband and wife duo of Kevin and Sandra Harris with 1423 sticks. Third was Peyton Stewart and Joey Sheirbon at 1403 pins.

The burgeoning bowling whiz-kid, Kristen Kawachi won singles rolling a scratch 613 set which, with handicap was good for a tall 772 pin total. Aaron Troxel’s thumb-less power ball rattled the sticks to a 733 tally for second and the ubiquitous Jeff Miller was just one pin back with a scratch 732. Since Jeff is the No. 1 bowler in the gorge and he carries such a high average, he only got one pin of handicap per game! Beating him is always no simple task. Orchard Lanes proprietor Patrick Olson finished fourth with a 723 total.

In the handicap all-events, Kristen Kawachi simply blew away the field winning by 129 pins. Kristen obliterated her average, topping it by 271 sticks over the nine games to post a lofty 2234 total that won like the huge underdog Silky Sullivan did coming from way behind to win the Kentucky Derby by 6 lengths. Round house curve specialist, Jeff Brittle, who fires that speedy sphere of his to near the speed of sound like the jets he fuels, finished second with 2105 pins. It’s hard to believe but Jeff really can hook the ball the entire width of the lane. And he’s proud of it! Rabid Red Sox super fan and mailman Bryan Mason hit a few special deliveries out of the park to get third with a 2072 total.

In the prestigious scratch all events, proprietor Patrick Olson reigned supreme with a 1931 total. And, why not? Did you expect anything else? He, kind of knows these lanes, right? In the past we have always added that the scratch all events winner earns the title as the best bowler in the gorge. So, congratulations Patrick! Bill Whetstine got second with 1914 and Lynn Spellman was third with 1873, just nosing out Jeff Miller’s 1871 total. Actually, the scratch all events scores were quite low, conditions were fine but the corner pins just would not fall.

Summer activities are rapidly approaching. There will be a summer senior league again that will convene on Wednesday afternoons. And, for those who like to find out just how good they are at this great game, we will have more Challenge nights that will feature different oil patterns on the lanes which will test your mettle. The bowl/golf league will also return. This fun format will tell who is the best bowler and golfer, combined! Bolf will be on Tuesday’s, bowl one week at Orchard Lanes and golf the next at Indian Creek. For more info on summer activities at Orchard Lanes, contact Pat Olson at 541-386-1326.

League high games and series

Monday Night Industrial

Aaron Troxel: 277, 674; Jeff Miller: 256, 683; Mike Bosse: 258; Patrick Olson: 238; Joey Sheirbon: 237; Kevin Harris: 237; John Miller: 237; Nancy Asai: 206, 201

Wednesday Night Fraternal

Patrick Olson: 257, 266, 747; Levi Phelps: 264, 236, 715; Jeremy Bloom: 685; Bill Whetstine: 659; Jeff Miller: 237, 658; Josh Worth: 268, 657; Jeff Brittle: 256, 654; Roger Montavon: 267; Bernie Keys: 206