Can you believe it, we are already nearing the conclusion of the first round in two top tenpin leagues at Hood River’s Orchard Lanes? Seems like we just got started yesterday. In the Monday night Industrial league, the final night of the first-round looms large and shows Randy’s Painting leads Tinman Heating by just a half-point! It cannot get any closer than that. One of these two teams will probably win the first round but if they get swamped, it is possible for Orchard Lanes, Pat’s Pro Shop or Hood River Supply to get first place. This is when league bowling is the most fun. Some bowlers do better under pressure and others wilt. This will be fun to watch. Remember, it is nearly impossible to win a league without taking a round.

The hot shot Wednesday night Fraternal league will conclude its first round with a tense position match. he Hood River Sports Club trio leads by only two points over second place BB’s. This match of powerful teams features Sports Club’s muscle man, 207 average Josh Worth against BB’s perennial all-star pro, pocket pounding 218 average Jeff Miller. The results of this match should determine the first-round winner but if these two teams end up even, then the third and fourth place teams, 6th Street Bistro and Mt. Hood BBQ, have a chance to take the first round with a big night. This match features Bistro’s hot 221 average, Mr. Smooth, Jeremy Bloom, against BBQ’s slick 204 average John Riggleman, who is having a great season. Competitive league action does not get any better than this!

There was a hatful of mighty fine scores in league play in the past two weeks. But, instead of focusing purely on the big numbers of high scratch games and series, it is always interesting to find out who topped their averages the most. Our No. 1 guy is a long time regular, a heck of a bowler who cranks out the biggest hook in town. And, by the way, he is proud of it. Just ask him. It almost seems that generating that big hook of his is more important to him than getting high scores. He gets a lot of ink, so you probably already know who he is. If you guessed Jeff Brittle, you would be correct. That pin buster two-foot hook of his rattled the sticks to the tune of a cool scratch 267 game and 684 series in the big stuff Fraternal league which was 150 pins over his average. This is kind of a statistical anomaly as Jeffrey normally knocks on the 200-average door, he simply got off to a slow start this season, which enabled him to easily beat his average by so many pins. He is back in form now.

A close second is the ubiquitous Lynn Spellman who blitzed his average by 147 pins, notching a nifty scratch 726 three game series in the senior Colts and Fillies league. Lynn is another stalwart local luminary on our lanes who has long been a solid 200-average kegler. Recently, he has had back issues and surgery, yet he often posts impressive numbers like these. As for style, he is diametrically opposed to Mr. Brittle. Lynn plays the lanes near the corner, down and in, rolling a small but effective hook. He is quite versatile and to our amazement he switches back and forth using a weak hitting plastic ball and modern hi-tech reactive resin. He says his plastic ball helps get his game on track.

Kristen Kawachi has been bowling as a regular this season after recently graduating as a Doctor of physical therapy. We are sure happy she is with us. Kristen has textbook style and all the tools to join the local elite. She plays the lanes smartly in exactly the right way, rolling her ball down and in from the right side. The upshot of this is the talented Dr. Kawachi often racks up big numbers like the scratch 218 game she tossed in the Industrial league. She finished that session 144 pins over her average!

Lefty Bill Morrissey has sure found the range in the Mixed league. His team won the league last season and he has raised his average nine pins over last season which puts him on track to earn a “Reggie” because he is the straw that stirs the drink in his foursome. His latest effort shows some real gun slinger talent as he just popped a huge scratch 277 game and 643 series which was 121 pins over his average.

Good shooting everybody!


Monday Night Industrial:

Patrick Olson, 278 game and 729 series

Jeff Miller, 269 game and 696 series

Nancy Asai, 235, 214, 213, 206 games and 607, 605 series

Matt Hodges, 256 game

Carl Casey, 242 game

Mike Weaver, 236 game

Kristen Kawachi, 218 game

Sue Spellman, 205 game

Liesl Weaver, 203 game

Tuesday Nite Mixed:

Patrick Olson, 279, 259 games and 711 series

Jeremy Bloom, 256, 236 games and 695 series

Nancy Asai, 221, 215, 205 games and 618 series

Bill Morrissey, 277 game

Chad Mason, 247, 237 games

Ken Espersen, 246 game

Ciena Brittle, 213 game

Wednesday afternoon senior Colts & Fillies:

Lynn Spellman, 279, 235, 212, 209, 201 games and 726 series

Patrick Olson, 256, 227, 222 games and 705 series

Mike Parke, 269, 229, 214, 201 games and 664,614 series

Bernie Keys, 233, 201 games and 615 series

Mick Sherrell, 211 game

John Lyon, 203 game

Wednesday night Fraternal:

John Riggleman, 248 game and 687 series

Jeff Brittle, 267 game and 684 series

Jeff Miller, 247 game and 675 series

Bill Whetstine, 247 game and 667 series

Quinton Cox, 236 game

Bernie Keys, 203 game

Thursday afternoon senior Lads & Lassies:

Paul Dethman, 247, 203 games and 600 series

Bernie Keys, 243, 202, 201 games

George Buck, 207 game

Linda Green, 201 game

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