Important endorsements

Phil Brady is running for Wasco County Commissioner and he has my vote! He has also been endorsed by three former and one current, Wasco County Commissioner.

That’s right, four! Scott McKay, Dan Erickson, Bill Lennox and Kathy Schwartz.

I think that is an impressive group of endorsements considering these commissioners know just what the job demands in terms of leadership, skills, knowledge and purpose. Knowing that, they have decided that Phil is the best current candidate for commissioner to lead our county going forward.

Please join me in casting your vote for Phil Brady by May 17. He is the right man at the right time!

Marolyn Wilks

The Dalles

Brady support

There have been several letters to the editor recently listing plenty of great reasons to vote for Phil Brady for Wasco County Commissioner, and I agree with them all. I know Phil to be a man of the highest integrity, who makes every effort to do the job right, and truly has the best interests of others at heart. There are several other things about Phil and his campaign that are worth mentioning.

Phil has taken a non-partisan approach to this non-partisan race. In these days of partisan politics, I really appreciate this. Phil has not taken financial donations from any political party. If you’re interested, you can compare candidates’ campaign finances on Orestar Oregon.

Phil took the time and energy to create a campaign website ( He wants voters to know what he thinks about the big issues for our county. Voters deserve to know where candidates stand before we put them into office, and Phil has certainly provided this information. This tells me I can trust him to be transparent about our county government after he is in office, too.

While Phil’s opponent touts his “experience” as a former county commissioner as a reason we should elect him now, let’s not forget that, in 2018, after eight years of that “experience,” voters chose his challenger, Kathy Schwartz, by a wide margin (60-40). The people of Wasco County have benefited from that choice. As Commissioner Schwartz retires, she and three other former county commissioners are enthusiastically endorsing Phil Brady. That speaks volumes to me.

As your ballots arrive in the mail this week, please join me in checking the box for Phil Brady — for his non-partisan approach, for letting us know where he stands, and to keep Wasco County moving forward.

Deborah Ferrer

The Dalles

Leadership lacking

I am disappointed with the lack of quality leadership, the lies, the spin, the deceit, and especially the lack of common sense exhibited by most Oregon leaders in office. Our state is falling backwards. Anyone that cannot see this truth may be wearing blinders. I do not blame them. They are trying to block out the ugly distractions this state is witnessing.

The largest distractions to our quality of life include clear increases in petty and violent crime, out-of-control increases in homelessness, soaring drug use, unacceptable performance in our education system that will hurt our children for years to come, unnecessary mandates destroying business growth, and sneaky tax increases hurting every Oregonian in their checkbooks. These distractions are daily occurrences in our state. Where is our leadership? Who are these policy makers?

But my biggest gripe is how political power is money driven. We have all heard “just follow the money,” and you will see why empowered leaders make senseless laws. Our “paid for” lawmakers have made laws that do not support the Oregon voter’s desires. Instead, their laws serve the needs of those who paid their way into that office. Money talks bigger than our wishes.

It is time for us to change this nonsense. For example, why do I owe a patron of the State of Idaho my Oregon State taxed income, taken from my income by Oregon which is constitutionally dedicated to help fund Oregon issues? Your current legislators made that senseless move a couple of weeks ago. Taking your tax dollars to help solve Idaho issues. Look it up. They did a quick swoop on a short special session. I hope someone challenges the constitutional implications of this new law. It is insulting. We must stop our accidental support for this kind of policy making. As mentioned earlier, just follow the money. It has nothing to do with your wishes. We need to remove these irresponsible lawmakers. Get them out. They do not seem to care enough about your needs. And they show no indication to change their course.

Vote! Get your control back because you can! Let us clean this up.

Terry Turner

The Dalles

Good plan

I am writing in support of Congressman Earl Blumenauer and Sen. Ron Wyden’s proposed legislation for Mount Hood and The Columbia River Gorge. As a resident of Hood River County for more than 40 years, I have witnessed significant changes through the years. While change can be positive, I have seen continually increasing recreational use and logging on Mount Hood with no changes in a management plan that was not intended for this volume of use. It is time for a new plan. As has been said before, we are using and loving our beloved mountain to death.

I appreciate that this proposed legislation promotes a more carefully crafted trail system that aims to spread people out by maintaining already existing trails using better coordinated volunteers and by adding new connector trails. This enhanced stewardship work in the Mt. Hood National Forest and Columbia Gorge Scenic Area will help to ensure an ecologically sustainable trail network.

The proposed legislation also has a plan for transportation along with wildfire and forest protections. Community members and visitors alike should be able to access this beautiful area safely and efficiently, while also reducing the impact of transportation. Reduced carbon emissions and more carbon sequestration are essential elements as we strive to deal with climate change.

Please join me in showing support of a new plan for Mount Hood and the Columbia River Gorge as proposed by Congressman Earl Blumenauer and Sen. Ron Wyden.

Susan Hartford

Hood River

Support Judge Wolf

I write this letter in support of Judge John Wolf’s re-election. I have been a practicing attorney in the Columbia Gorge since 1998. As such I had many cases with Judge Wolf when he was in private practice and have appeared before him many times since he ascended to the bench.

From my experience Judge Wolf has always been professional, thoughtful, and fair. While there have been times that Judge Wolf has ruled against me, his rulings are well reasoned, well researched, and squarely within the applicable law. For these reasons I support Judge Wolf in his re-election campaign. Judge Wolf has both the experience as a litigator and a judge that is critical to being an excellent judge. Please join me in my support to re-elect Judge John Wolf.

Michael B. FitzSimons

Hood River

Judge Wolf endorsement

I am writing to endorse Wasco Circuit Judge John Wolf for re-election.

I have been working as an attorney in court since 1984.

No judge, in my experience, is more qualified.

No challenger is worthy.

It would be a huge loss to the community to lose the wisdom that he brings when it is time to settle important problems.

Andrew W. Carter

The Dalles

Life and death

There have been 142 mass shootings so far this year in the U.S. Hand guns and automatic weapons are easily accessed by almost anyone and continue to cause an estimated annual number of 33,000 deaths to innocent children, students, husbands, wives, people of color, etc.

And yet, often a young woman trying to survive mothering several children, or needing to finish her education, suddenly finds herself pregnant. She decides that she can’t provide quality care for this fetus, and so, in seeking abortion to prevent inadequate mothering, she could face prison.

Isn’t there something wrong here?

Audrey Bentz

The Dalles

Vote Phil Brady

With enthusiasm, I endorse Phil Brady as the candidate for Wasco County Commissioner.

As his wife of 35 years, I am in a unique position to support Phil. I know him to be a trusted partner, a devoted father, and a committed member of the community.

I often tell people that with Phil, what you see is what you get. He comes from a strong moral and ethical base. He approaches leadership positions with a low ego and a high skill set. He is intelligent, a good listener, and a gifted problem solver. I speak from experience when I say he is a calming presence in the room.

Phil and I have traveled on many journeys and wherever we find ourselves, Phil looks for ways to enhance the work already present in the community. I have seen this in his work with ecology groups in Latin America, as a teacher at NORCOR as well as at the high school and hospital. He has been a collaborator in Latinx groups, worked on local watershed projects, and promoted new school facilities. Essentially, Phil’s entire life has been dedicated to service.

In terms of his leadership skills, Phil does not work alone. Whenever he takes on a project he makes sure he undertakes it within the context of a broader community. We often joke in our family that Phil loves to go to meetings. In truth, he sees those opportunities to listen to the voices of others in their concerns on issues. I have tremendous faith in his ability to continue listening, and I know the community will benefit.

I am aware that this is a challenging time in our community, in our country, and especially in our environment. Phil is the person to meet this moment.

Please join me and my family in supporting Phil Brady for Wasco County Commissioner.

Mary Jo Commerford

The Dalles

Gomez for governor

In this May primary election, we have a leader running who has new ideas and new solutions for Oregon. Jessica Gomez has business management experience — running the Southern Oregon tech company she built. Through this experience, she has learned first hand what it will take to make Oregon business friendly and create new jobs and opportunities. It’s time to take Oregon back from non-elected government bureaucrats who stifle innovation with onerous and costly rules and regulations.

We have a lot of economic challenges ahead and we need a leader who understands this. Gomez is innovative in problem solving and ready to do the hard work. She has pledged to include all of Oregon in her economic development plans, not just the Willamette Valley.

Gomez also understands real issues such as record inflation and high gas prices that impact all of us. She wants to create strong regional economies that include various types of industries.

Let’s usher in a new era of change and a better economic future for all Oregonians. Let’s elect Jessica Gomez as governor — she will improve our state to help all of its residents.

Joseph Stewart



Kevin McCarthy and the GOP dodged another bullet this week. And thank goodness for that! Mr. McCarthy reportedly had a phone call with GOP leadership on Jan. 10, right after the illegal insurrection on Jan 6. During the call, McCarthy suggested former President Trump needed to resign because the House would easily have enough votes for impeachment. This would lead to an invoking of the 25th Amendment and forcible, legal removal of former President Trump from office for his disgraceful involvement surrounding the insurrection.

Of course Mr. McCarthy denied the phone call ever took place, so MSNBC played the actual recording of the phone call on national television to verify its reporting. Given that the show was hosted by openly-gay Rachel Maddow on the radical, liberal MSNBC, only a ... socialist would believe any of the #fakenews. I wonder what Q has to say about all this?

Phew! Another Trump-era “hoax” up in liberal smoke. Disaster averted.

Steven Kaplan

Hood River

Support for Euwer

Jennifer Euwer deserves your vote for chair of the Hood River County Commission.

She is a life long Hood River County resident, has raised two children here and runs a family orchard. She has served on the Hood River County Planning Commission and will do a fine job balancing the needs of agriculture, recreation, and industry.

Gary Regalbuto

Hood River