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Santa Claus greets children via microphone at Lyle Activity Center. 

Santa arrived at the Lyle Activity Center to a street lined with expectant children ready to see the Jolly Old Man in the big red suit, who braved the rain and remained in his sleigh because of social distancing.

The only way he was allowed to connect with the children was by microphone. But be assured, he took back to the North Pole and the elves the list he procured from that distance. The love was still there, if not the warmth of his hug that is now deprived.

The Twin Bridges Museum had its monthly meeting with the board members abiding to the rules and regulations of masks and distancing. It was good to give congratulations to Richard Keyes when he happily displayed his photo of he and his new bride in their wedding attire ... a mighty handsome couple for sure. The wedding was held in Twin Falls, Idaho, where his bride, Elizabeth Leis, abides. The couple shared their school years here and I understand even attended one of the proms as a couple some odd 66 years ago ... We all wish these childhood sweethearts the very best and happiest years to come.

Merry Christmas to all Christians and Happy Hanukah to our Jewish residents. I leave you all with heartfelt wishes that the Year 2021 will bring back our personal freedoms, the enjoyment of fellowship with our family, friends and neighbors and return us to our contented lives.

One of my personal notes: Are the days gone when excitement-filled children could sit on Santa’s lap and tell him their most secret wishes that could only be told to him? Not even sit on a chair close to him? This period in time has hit all of us pretty hard, but to allow a most precious childhood memory be jerked away ... it’s just beyond sad. The whole COVID-19 issue is a controversial item right now and has pitted colleagues pitted against each other, but either way you stand I hope you agree that it’s the kids that are hurting the most. No school, no parties, no interaction with friends and neighbors ... their whole social structure has been accosted to the point that one can’t blame them for turning to that little hand-held machine where they can connect with their peers. No teacher or out-of-household adults to lead by example, tutor or advise them except through the cold hard screen via the internet.

On perhaps a more positive note, during a recent shopping trip I looked up at the highest of our surrounding mountains and saw a scene what I describe as a “powder sugar dusting on a Bundt cake.” I thoroughly enjoy the snow and its beauty but wish it to remain in the higher elevations so those who enjoy the winter sports can drive to it and leave us who do not like driving in it, safe. God made some of His creations beautiful but very dangerous if we refuse to give them their due respect. So, from a safe distance, I gaze upon the hills and think; Beauty and the Beast.

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