‘Artist’s interpretation’ of the gas line accident, by Luca, 5, dominates the front page. 

Kids Daily News — “daily happenings, printed occasionally,” is the newest publication in the Columbia Gorge media landscape.

Vol. 1, Issue 1 of the Hood River publication came out Dec. 22, with the newsstand cost of “random act of kindness” from the news team of Maggie, 9; Sparrow, 8; Riley, 8; Ellie, 6; Luca, 5; and Tate, “5 and eleven twelfths.” Parent Sarah Fox also helps out.

The crew got a scoop — news parlance for first to break a story. Hard news and features make up the first edition, with news of the natural gas outage and coronavirus vaccine leading the front page. Dr. Brendan Ramey gives a thumb’s-up after being one of the first in the Gorge to get the vaccine. Columbia Gorge News first published photos of vaccine recipients on Jan. 6.

Also on the front page, “How to Draw A Bow (A drawing lesson for ALL ages!)” and Kids Daily News also includes an article on squirrels, a recipe for chocolate crinkle cookies, “the Kitty Report” featuring Moustachio, and book recommendations.

“This book is about fairies and witches,” writes Sparrow about “The Land of Stories, The Wishing Spell” by Chris Colfer. “It’s good because you feel like one of the characters in any of the situations. I liked it because there are a lot of eventful situations ... I have two copies if anyone would like to borrow it.”

The squirrels story includes this fact: “Squirrels forget where they buried their nuts, so they end up digging around until they find a nut from another squirrel.”