An inmate and a corrections deputy at the Klickitat County Jail have tested positive for COVID-19, the  Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office announced Oct. 19. 

The inmate in question was originally arrested Oct. 6 and received positive test results on Oct. 10,  according to the Sheriff’s Office. “At no time was the inmate exposed to other inmates in our facility, limiting future positive tests’ risk,” said the press release. 

At the recommendation of the Klickitat County Health Department, all corrections deputies were then tested for COVID-19, and one corrections deputy tested positive. They were “immediately quarantined,” according to the Sheriff’s Office, and they will remain quarantined until cleared to return to work  by the Klickitat County Health Department. 

“The Klickitat County Jail was well prepared for this event,” said the press release. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the jail has been screening all new arrests for COVID-19 in the vehicle sallyport before  entering the facility, and two different medical screenings are completed once the inmate is in booking area. Inmates are then isolated from the general population “for a period of time” before they are rotated into the population, and inmates are provided with masks and a sanitizing spray “to encourage a safe and clear environment,” according to the press release.  

“We have worked in conjunction with the Klickitat County Heath Department since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said the press release. “We immediately set procedures in place to monitor new arrests and monitor our staff ... The Klickitat County Jail will continue to adhere to our stringent intake policy and procedures for incoming inmates. We will also continue to monitor inmates, deputies and support staff. 

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